General Requirements

A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on *24 in each of the preceding Fall/Winter terms and a minimum GPA of 3.3 on required Psychology and Statistics courses. Though entrance to Honours in Psychology can only take place once the student has completed second-year (i.e., *48), students need to apply prior to this time. Students must complete PSYCO 104, 105, PSYCO 212, two of PSYCO 223, 239, 241, two of PSYCO 258, 275, 282, and STAT 151 or 141 prior to application for admission. Acceptance is dependent upon obtaining written approval from a potential research supervisor by September 1. Students planning to apply for admission should consult the Department Honours Advisor for their Faculty.

Academic Standards

Please take note of the following requirements, which pertain to continuation in (and graduation from) the honours program in psychology.

  • The overall GPA, as well as the psychology GPA, must be at least 3.3 each year.
  • A student may not interrupt his or her program (take a year or semester off) unless special permission has been obtained in advance from the student’s advisor and the student’s Faculty. For example, honours students may apply to take a year off for the undergraduate internship program in psychology.
  • *24 course weights must be taken each year during Fall/Winter, unless special permission is obtained in advance. Permission to take a reduced course load is normally granted only in cases of serious illness or other hardship.

How To Get Conditional Acceptance Into The Honours Program

You will need to apply to the honours program in the same way that you applied to get in to the university initially. You will need to fill out the form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button found on the Office of the Registrar webpage. The application is done entirely online. Deadlines are usually in the Winter term, and can be found in the university calendar, section for Arts and Science, respectively. You should begin thinking about the application process well in advance, as you will want to ensure that you meet all the requirements and have all necessary prerequisites. If the student meets the requirements, they will then be granted conditional acceptance.

How To Get From Conditional To Final Acceptance

  1. In order to receive final acceptance (after you have received conditional admission from your home faculty office) into the honours psychology program, you must obtain written consent from a possible thesis supervisor prior to registration. You should start the process of finding a supervisor as soon as possible (i.e., as soon as you apply), as confirming a supervisor may take time. This procedure ensures that students are not admitted whose interests cannot be accommodated by faculty. Eligible students who are transferring from off campus (Post-secondary institutions like GMCC, Concordia, Grande Prairie, etc.) should contact professors via email, telephone, or a letter of introduction if they are unable to visit their labs.
  2. To choose a supervisor, begin as soon as possible, but at least by the spring immediately after you apply. Scan the professor web pages, read the descriptions of research interests outside the main office (BS-P217), or contact professors who inspired you in courses. See also hints from students on how to choose a supervisor.
  3. Once you have selected a research supervisor, and have a commitment from him/her, fill out this registration form and submit it to the honours advisor. This form formalizes your acceptance into the honours program, i.e. your conditional acceptance now becomes final.

Please return your completed honours supervisor registration form to Nicole Kiffiak, either in person (BS-P222B) or drop it in her mailbox located in the General Office (BS-P217).