Faculty Requirements

Faculty of Arts

In addition to the requirements of the Department of Psychology, Arts students must also take: 6 units of a Language other than English; 3 units of Humanities and 3 units of Fine Arts; and 6 units of Canadian Content courses. See the Faculty of Arts section of the Calendar for details on which particular courses fulfill these requirements. (Some of these courses, if they qualify, may also be used to fulfill the Department's requirements.) No more than 48 units may be taken at the junior level. 

Arts students must also take courses in Social Science (a requirement that is automatically satisfied by the Department's own requirements), as well as 6 units of Natural Science and/or Formal Studies, to be selected from the list of courses in the Calendar. PSYCO 104 qualifies as one of these courses (so 3 of the required 6 units are automatically taken care of), but Arts students should be aware that certain courses fulfilling the Department's Computing/Mathematics/Statistics requirements and Natural Science requirements do not appear on the Faculty's Formal Studies list or on the Faculty's Natural Science list. Thus, Arts students must ensure that they meet both the Faculty's Natural Science/Formal Studies requirement and the Department's Computing/Mathematics/Statistics and Natural Science requirements.

Faculty of Science

In addition to the requirements of the Department of Psychology, Science students must ensure that at least 72 units are completed in Faculty of Science courses. No more than 42 units may be taken at the junior level. Students must take BIOL 107 and 108 to fulfill the 6 units of their Natural Science requirements.