The Science Internship and Arts Co-operative Education Work Experience programs in the Department of Psychology, collectively known as the Internship Program in Psychology (IPP), bridge academic learning of theory with community application of knowledge. Students majoring in Psychology who have completed at least 75 degree credits with a minimum Faculty GPA of 2.3 are able to apply for the IPP. Successful applicants are permitted to seek a full-time, paid work experience placement for 8 to 16 months to complete the work experience portion of the IPP. While on work experience, students complete a semi-independent research project that uses existing knowledge in a new way that contributes to the organization’s service delivery or employer’s job responsibilities. After completing the work experience placement, students return to university to reflect on their experiences in an interdisciplinary practicum course. In this class, students present their research project for course credit and further develop the skills they learned while on work experience. 

The designation of having completed the Science Internship Program appears on the transcripts and degrees of students completing a Bachelor of Science; the designation of having completed the Arts Co-operative Education (Work Experience) Program appears on the transcripts and degrees of students completing a Bachelor of Arts.


Apply for the Internship Program in Psychology in two steps:
  1. Complete the on-line application.
  2. Submit a cover letter, current resume, and transcript to the Program Coordinator.
    • Address your letter to Dr. Sandra Ziolkowski and indicate your reasons for applying to the program as well as your strengths.

Submit your application to BS P-247, or to the Department of Psychology General Office at BS P-217, by January 31 for an internship starting May through September.

The Coordinator reviews applications on an on-going basis and will be in contact with students within one week of receipt of the application.

Sandra Ziolkowski  Sandra Ziolkowski, Program Coordinator
(780) 492-2530
BS P-247