How do I obtain full credit for research participation?

  • Sign up for and attend research appointments. Each one credit appointment is worth 2%, and each two credit appointment is worth 4%. You are encouraged to earn the full 10% toward your final grade (5 credits total).

How is my grade affected if I do not take part in research participation?

  • Be sure to obtain at least 1 research participation credit during the term to avoid a notation on your transcript indicating missed term coursework.

How do I sign-up for the research projects?

  • You can find the answer on the signup-procedures page and in the research participation handout.

How many projects can I sign up for at one time?

  • You can sign up for your first 3 research credits (6%) starting at the beginning of the term. The online system will open to the remaining 2 research credits (4%) about halfway through the term. We will make an announcement at this time.

How much time does each project take?

  • Allow up to 50 minutes for 1 credit projects and up to 1 hour and 50 minutes for 2 credit projects. Do not sign up for the project if you cannot attend the full session.

How can I check my appointment information?

  • Visit the “Check Credit Status” area to verify that your research appointment booking or your appointment cancellation was successful. You will be able to see the project ID, project name, credit value, date, time and location of the appointment, and any restrictions for the projects that you have made appointments for.

What if there are no projects available?

  • There may not be appointments available at all times during the semester. Researchers post appointments at various times throughout the term. Please keep checking. We recommend that you check daily for new appointment listings. Also, start early! Appointments will be increasingly limited toward the end of the semester.

When is the last day to participate in research projects?

  • The last day to attend an appointment is the last day of class.

What happens if I am late or miss my research appointment?

  • If you arrive after the researcher says there is no further admittance to the study, you will lose the research credit for that study. Traffic, getting lost, and so forth, are not acceptable reasons for missing an appointment or for being late. Find each study location a day or two in advance to avoid getting lost, and arrive at your appointments at least 5 minutes early. You will be given 1 opportunity to make up for lost credit. You can make up for one unexcused absence by signing up for another appointment just as you would for any appointment. The online system will automatically accommodate this appointment and use it towards a make up appointment. You can still achieve full credits with one missed appointment.

How do I cancel a research appointment?

  • Cancel all appointments that you are unable to attend. Cancellations can be made through the online system up to midnight on the day before your appointment.
  • If you need to cancel on the same day of your appointment (due to illness or an urgent matter), e-mail rescred@ualberta.ca or call 780-492-5689 before the appointment start time. Only e-mail sent from your University of Alberta account will be read and replied to. Please include your student ID, appointment information, and reason for cancelling the appointment.
  • If contacting the Research Participation Coordinator during evenings or weekends to cancel an appointment, leave all necessary information in your message and the appointment will be cancelled for you the next business day. As long as you leave the message before the scheduled appointment time, the cancellation will be processed and you do not need to attend the cancelled appointment.

How do I know my appointment signup or cancellation was successful?

  • Go to "Check Credit Status" as your last action each time you are in the online system to verify that your appointment sign-up or your cancellation was successful. Please note that you will not receive credit for attending appointments that you were not signed up for online.

Does the online system confirm that I attended my appointment?

  • No. You will only see changes to your credit status if you cancel or miss an appointment. Your credit status reflects all appointments that you have signed up for, even appointments that you have not yet attended.

What happens if the researcher doesn't show up for my appointment?

  • If you are on time for your appointment but the researcher isn't there, please wait 10 minutes after the start time of the appointment. If the researcher has not arrived after 10 minutes, please e-mail the research participation coordinator as soon as possible with details and include your Student ID. We will investigate and assign credit as appropriate.

What is mass testing?

  • Mass testing is an online survey available to all Psychology 104 and Psychology 105 students at the beginning of Fall and Winter terms.  Mass testing dates will be announced in your class on the day of your research participation orientation and will also be posted in the Announcements section on the online credit sign-up system. Participation in mass testing is worth one credit (2%) toward your research participation mark. Visit the mass testing page for more information about mass testing.

What if I choose not to participate in mass testing?

  • Participation in mass testing is entirely voluntary. You will not be penalized if you choose not to participate. However, it is strongly recommended to participate in mass testing because this may lead to more research projects being available for your participation later in the semester. Not doing mass testing will limit the number of studies that you can participate in later.

Can I participate in the same project twice?

  • No. You may not sign up for the same project more than once, even across semesters. The exception to this policy is the mass testing survey, which you can complete each semester that you are enrolled in Psychology 104 or Psychology 105.

What if I feel uncomfortable participating in a research project?

  • If you decide that you do not wish to participate in the project, or if you agree to take part and then decide later to discontinue, you may withdraw your consent at any time by informing the researcher. If you need more information to help you decide whether to take part, you should always ask for it. In both cases you can still complete an alternate exercise to receive your research participation credit. Note that you must complete the alternate exercise during the study appointment time.

How long do I have to report any discrepancies in my credits?

  • If you find a discrepancy in your overall score for research credits, please e-mail the research participation coordinator immediately. The deadline to report discrepancies is 3 days following the last day of classes.

Do projects run late in the day or on weekends?

  • Most projects are run during the day, but there are some that will run during evenings up to 9pm and a few on Saturdays.

I am taking Psyco 104 / Psyco 105 for the second time. Can I apply my past research participation credits to this new semester?

  • No, you must complete the research participation component of your course each time that you enrol in the course, just like you re-do the other coursework when you take a class for the second time.

Why does my friend have more projects to choose from?

  • Mass testing allows researchers to screen for potential participants who have certain characteristics that they are looking for. Your responses to the mass testing survey may affect the project participation opportunities that you see in the online system. Also, if you did not do the mass testing survey, this will limit the number of studies that are available to you.

Why did I not receive an email reminder for my appointment?

  • Courtesy email reminders are only sent out if you signed up for an appointment two or more days before the appointment date. Do not depend on e-mail reminders: keep track of your own research appointments.

Where do I get my University of Alberta CCID in order to check my email?

  • Your CCID and password can be found on the right top corner of your original timetable. Assistance with CCIDs and passwords is available from Academic Information and Communication Technologies (AICT) located in Room 302, General Services Building, or call the Help Desk at 492-9400. AICT will issue passwords in person only and requires that you present picture ID.

How do I find the building on campus where my project will be held?

Is there such a thing as an "alternate exercise"?

  • If, while at a study appointment, you decide that you do not wish to participate in the project, or if you agree to take part and then decide later to discontinue, you may withdraw your consent at any time by informing the researcher. In both cases you can still complete an alternate exercise during the session to receive your research participation credit. The alternate exercise will not take longer than the scheduled study appointment but it does need to be completed for you to receive your credit. The alternate exercise may involve reading a description of the study or another topic related to the research. Or, it may involve taking part in the study without your data being used as part of the study. This alternate learning exercise is to be completed to the satisfaction of the researcher.

How do I contact the research participation coordinator?

  • Research Participation Coordinator
    Department of Psychology
    P-222B Biological Sciences Building
    Telephone: 492-5689
    Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (closed for lunch 12 - 1 pm).
    E-mail: rescred@ualberta.ca
    Note: Be sure to include your student ID number with each email, and use your ualberta.ca email address.