Signup Procedures

All research appointments are scheduled using an online signup system. This system is accessed through eClass using the CCID and password provided on your original timetable. Access the link at the bottom of the section called Research Participation. You can sign up for your first 3 credits starting during the first half of term and for the other 2 remaining credits starting about halfway through the term.

Signing Up

  • Go to:
  • Select Login to: University of Alberta Courses and click "Continue"
  • Type in your CCID and password
  • Click on your class section under eClass Course Overview
  • Access the link at the bottom of the section called Research Participation.
  • From this page, you can:
    • Manage appointments
    • Access frequently asked questions
    • Check your credit status
    • Get more information about research participation
    • Access your list of project credits in previous semesters

When you get to the “Credit Status” page (through "Manage Appointments"), you will be able to select from these menu choices:

  • Sign up for research credit - Schedule appointments
  • Cancel appointment - Delete appointments
  • Check your credit status - Students are expected to view this area as your last action online, each time you are online. This will show you if your research appointment sign up or cancellation was successful or if you accidentally signed up for a project
  • Building legend - Find the name of a building abbreviation
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • Logout - Always finish your session by closing your browser to ensure that your connection is no longer active. This is for your security so that others cannot access your sign up page and CCID account


  • Check often for available appointments. We recommend that you check daily
  • Start early! Appointments will be increasingly limited toward the end of the semester
  • Remember to write down the date, time, location and project name of your appointment
  • You will be limited to signing up for 3 of your 5 research credits at the beginning of the term. You can sign up for the remaining 2 research credits beginning mid-way through the term. An email announcement will be made when the remaining credits are available
  • Do not sign up for the same project more than once, even across terms. The “Check Credit Status” page will list your project completions from previous terms. Exception: you can repeat the mass testing survey (offered in fall and winter terms)
  • Sign up for a study only if you meet the project requirements
  • Be sure to go to the “Check Credit Status” area as your last action each time that you access the online system. This will show you if your research appointment sign up or appointment cancellation was successful
  • Check your U of A e-mail account for messages from the research participation coordinator