Academic Events

Oral and Poster Presentations

Concurrent Presentations


Aurora Room | Health services, policy and advocacy (I)

 10:30 Adoption of non-drug health technologies by Canadian Institutes: The good, the bad and the ugly
Devidas Menon
 10:45 Engaging public health graduate students in health advocacy
Les Hagen
 11:00 You've got to fight for your 'right to try': Canadian media coverage of the 'Right to Try' movement
Rebecca Foley
 11:15 Community capacity development to enhance hospice palliative care in Alberta, Canada communities: Evidence demonstrating the value of a community engaged model
Kyle Whitfield
 11:30 Opportunities and challenges in advancing precision health in Alberta Health Services
Rachael Erdmann

Glacier Room | Environment and health (I)

 10:30 Infection prevention and control in the fight against antimicrobial resistance - Final report of the Infection Prevention and Control Task Group to the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Antimicrobial Resistance Steering Committee
Simon Otto
 10:45 Towards the implementation of water resuse and stormwater use in Alberta
Marie Sereneo
 11:00 Rapid DNA based detection of whirling disease parasites from environmental samples
Danielle Barry
 11:15 Issues and regulations on health and safety of captive workers during wildfires
Kirill Lissovskiy

Epidemiology and prevention of chronic diseases (I)


Communicating the risk of human papillomavirus and cervical cancer to lesbians: Contradictions and problems within guidelines and practice in Alberta 
Stephanie Booth


Maple Leaf Room | Children, youth and school health (I)

 10:30 Policy, Location and Access in Community Environments (PLACE) Research Lab: An overview
Candace Nykiforuk
 10:45 Family Access to Municipal Infrastructure for Leisure: Young children (FAMILY) project: Findings and implications
Gabrielle Donoff 
 11:00 An investigation of play in an indoor preschool environment: Does free play encourage adequate levels of physical activity for preschool children?
Barbara Hughes
 11:15 Understanding the relationship between play, health and development: Parents' perceptions of play in the lives of their preschool-aged children
Keely Stenberg
 11:30 Retail food environment options for children and youth: A geographic analysis of recreation facilities, schools and childcare centres in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Rachel Prowse

Prairie Room | Alberta PROMs and EQ-5D Research and Support Unit (APERSU) research team (I)

 10:30  Workshop on patient-reported outcome measures
APERSU research team
 11:30 Discriminative validity of the EQ-5D-5L and SF-12 in older adults with arthritis
Andrews Tawiah

Aurora Room | Health services, policy and advocacy (II)

 15:00 The impact of an electronic personal health portal on health care and decision-making: A study of conceptualization, development and implementation
Melita Avdagovska
 15:15 Data beyond borders: How information sharing across Canadian jurisdictions improves policies on early childhood development
Fahim Hassan

Global, Indigenous and migrant health 

 15:30 Ageing and urban marginality: A study of the living conditions and health of elderly people in Ghana's urban slums
Dominic Alaazi
 15:45 Experiences of work among immigrants in Canada
Vamini Selvanandan
 16:00 Outcomes of collecting health perceptions of Dene First Nations youth in a community context
Laurie-Ann Lines

Glacier Room | Epidemiology and prevention of chronic diseases (II)

 15:00 Examining the relationship between premature menopause in childhood cancer survivors and cancer treatment exposures
Rebecca Clark
 15:15 Secondary failure following metformin monotherapy in patients with type 2 diabetes: Canada compared to the United States
Ben Dubois
 15:30 Genome-wide association study of chromosomal patterns reveals novel gene targets for primary biliary cirrhosis risk in Japanese
Cindy Im
 15:45 Cell-free DNA based noninvasive prenatal screening for common aneuploidies in a Canadian province: A cost effectiveness analysis
Leon Nshimyumukiza
 16:00 The novel measure lift and its relationship to relative risk and odds ratio: Bridging the terminology gap between bioinformatics, data mining and health research
Khanh Vu

 Maple Leaf Room | Children, youth and school health (II)


Cost-effectiveness of a school-based health promotion program in Canada: A life-course modeling approach
John Paul Ekwaru

 15:15 Perceived knowledge, confidence and attitudes toward health promotion among care providers in the after-school care setting
Pierrette Elias
 15:30 A qualitative approach to explore care provider's perception and their roles in promoting healthy eating and physical activity for children in the after-school care setting
Pierrette Elias
 15:45 Physical activity similiarity within the friendships of grade five children: A social network analysis study
Jodie Stearns
 16:00 Adolescents' perspectives on factors influencing their health-related behaviours: A qualitative descriptive study
Nicole Ofosu

Prairie Room | The APERSU research team (II)

 15:00 Relationship of deprivation with Health-Related Quality of Life in general population
Tahmid Kashem
 15:15 Healthcare utilization and health-related quality of life of adults living with type 2 diabetes in Alberta
Nathan McClure

Substance use and addictions 

 15:30 Harm reduction in name, but not substance: A comparative analysis of Canadian provincial and territorial policy frameworks
Jalene Anderson-Baron
 15:45 The Addiction Recovery and Community Health (ARCH) team, Royal Alexandra Hospital: Patient perspectives on harm reduction practice within acute care environment
Heather Morris
 16:00 The prevalence and correlates of social control to promote abstinence in youth substance use
Igor Yakovenko

Poster Presentations

All poster presentations will be in the Wild Rose Room.

Abstract Title and Presenter (listed alphabetically by presenter's surname)
Social determinants of health and adverse maternal and birth outcomes in adolescent pregnancies: A systematic review
Sana Amjad
Patient-specific outcomes with the use of Procarbazine, CCNU, Lomustine (PCV) chemotherapy compared to Temozolomide (TMZ) for patients with grade 2 and grade 2 gliomas
Sana Amjad
Narratives of marital relationships post immigration: Experienced through the eyes of immigrant women in Canada
Tara Azimi
Genomic analysis of treatment-induced hearing loss among childhood cancer survivors
Jessica Baedke
Understanding sources of contamination in stormwater ponds to promote water reuse in Alberta
Megan Beaudry
Is there an association between diet quality and cost among grade five children in Alberta, Canada? 
Enid Bukambu
Preterm infant growth velocity calculations: A systematic review
Hilton Chan
Management of dialysis water and dialysate quality for home hemodialysis programs in Alberta
Sejal Dave
Engaging a school community to develop a weight bias program for students
Alexa Ferdinands
Functional characterization of a complement like thioester-containing protein in the intermediate host of Schistosoma mansoni
Jacob Hambrook
Impact of physicianless pediatric critical care transport: What do triage physicians need to know in making a decision?
Atsushi Kawaguchi
Investigating the relationship between physical fitness test scores and injuries to members of the Edmonton Police Service
Liana Lentz
Prevalence of harmful cannabis use in university students and risk reduction
Alexandra Loverock
Barriers and facilitators to office based opioid dependency treatment: Needs assessment for program development within an urban community health centre
Amber Lynn
Torque teno virus (TTV) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) virla load in peripheral blood as a biomarker of "net immunosuppression": Factors influencing viral load in adult patients awaiting solid organ transplantation
Curtis Mabilangan
Use of the medical devices special access program for the innovative medical devices in a Canada hospital: A two-case study
Roland Maier
Essential conditions for the implementation of comprehensive school health
Genevieve Montemurro
Evaluating the essential conditions of implementing Comprehensive School Health across Canada
Kacey Neely
Evaluating a swimmer's itch field diagnostic to promote citizen scientist involvement in recreational water monitoring
Sydney Rudko
Urban-rural variations int he prevalence of maternal risk factors for preterm birth and small for gestational age in Alberta
Jesus Serrano-Lomelin
Extending functional principal component analysis to model weight gain and fat mass accretion during pregnancy
Lisa Shulman
HIV patients diagnosed in Alberta, Canada between 2010 - 2015: What are the correlates of late presentation?
Trenton Smith
Using innovative policy mechanisms in coverage decision-making: The case of insulin pump therapy  
Tania Stafinski
Engagement of Canadian patients with rare diseases and their caregivers in the lifecycle of the therapy: A qualitative study
Andrea Young