Concurrent sessions

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Maple Leaf Graduate programs and courses
15:00 Addressing the complexities of public health education: A team-based learning approach (S.L. Sibbald, M. Speechley, A. Thind)
15:15 Taking stock: A review of Memorial University’s MPH program (C. Donovan, S. Mulay)

MPH curriculum renewal: Towards improving education for effective public health practice (R. R. Wolfe, T. Stafinski, M. J. Yates, P. Hanington, A. Bhatti, D. Voaklander)

15:45 Evaluating the team advising approach for master of public health (MPH) students in the School of Public Health (I. A. Anugom, R. R. Wolfe)

Is graduate education in public health creating health equity champions? (B. E. Cohen)

16:15 Towards the integration of indigenous health into public health education (M. Steinberg, A. King, M. King, J. O’Neil)
Aurora Professional development


Use of an online bulletin to support continuing professional development for public health professionals (A. La Prairie)

15:15 Online continuing education in public health: What have we learned? (K. MacDougall, E. Wright)
15:30 Overcoming barriers to evidence informed decision-making through online learning (M. Dobbins, J. Yost, J. Mackintosh)
15:45 Training to build surge capacity: A Canadian example for receiving Syrian refugees (K. Rutledge-Taylor, C. Straight, K. Laberge, S. Sarwal, A. Currie)
16:00 The Certified in Public Health examination in the Canadian context (F. Davis, F. Hey)

Lessons from the field: Using ecosystem approaches to enhance interdisciplinary learning in public health (M. J. Yates, D. Cole, M. Gislason, M. Parkes, J. Saint-Charles)

International and community collaborations
15:00 The Caribbean Regional Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme (CR-FELTP): A partnership approach towards public health systems strengthening (L. Hansen, L. Boodram)
15:15 Field Epidemiology Training Program collaborations (A. Barrasa, L. Hansen, K. Rutledge-Taylor, K. Laberge, A. Currie, D. Paquette, M. Muehlen, L. Jensen)
15:30 International Infectious Diseases & Global Health Training Program (J. Mignone, N. Hollett, K. Fowke)
15:45 Training in interdisciplinary One Health problem-solving: Lessons learned and the way forward (T. Bandara, A. Banerjee)
16:00 The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Program in Global and Indigenous Health: Experiential learning and expanding international networks (N. D. Riediger, J. G. Lavoie, K. Fowke, M. Becker, D. Kornelsen, J. Blanchard)

Collaborative learning programs for participatory research with indigenous communities (C. G. Jardine, L.-A. Lines, J. Wong)

Undergraduate and interprofessional education
15:00 The new frontier of public health education (D. W. Birnbaum, K. Gretsinger, U. Ellis)
15:15 Teaching epidemiology to undergraduates: A road map (A. Walker, C. Currie)
15:30 Public health financial social work (S. A. Hageman, E. Pecukonis)
15:45 A qualitative approach to students’ perspective on the inclusion of public health content in the Faculty of Kinesiology (E. K. Grewal, P. Doyle-Baker)

A wellnessRx education initiative for health professionals: Its evolution, diffusion and evaluation (K. Kovacs Burns, M. Avdagovska, L. Gramlich, L. Bistritz, K. Olson)