Poster presentations

# Title 


Mirror, mirror on the wall: Reflections on an innovative approach to student-centred qualitative data analysis (E. J. Campbell, G. M. Donoff, K. A. Stenberg, A. R. Ferdinands, L. C. Jensen, J. A. McGetrick, A. P. Belon, C. I. J. Nykiforuk)

2 Health savings accounts and medical financial barriers (S. A. Hageman, D. M. St. George)
3 Collaborative learning in public health: The Summer Institute on Program Evaluation (J. Mignone, P. Migliardi, B. Kinasevych)
4 Integrated workshops as a tool to promote skill development in MPH students (S. L. Sibbald, M. Speechley, A. Thind)
5 The World Health Organization child health and the environment training modules: An educational resource in an emerging area (L. Brennan, A. Doroshenko, A. Osornio-Vargas, A. Hicks, M. -N. Brune-Drisse, H. Hoffman, D. Spady, I. Buka)
6 Breastfeeding and m-health technologies: Analysis of mobile applications in Portuguese language (J. Monteiro, C. M. S. Guimarães)
7 Self-efficacy on breastfeeding: Theoretical reflection about the professional practice of Brazilian healthcare providers (J. Monteiro, C. M. S. Guimarães, F. Gomes-Sponholz, M. O. B. Oriá)
8 Teaching social network analysis for outbreak investigations (L. Shah, L. Pelude, K. Rutledge-Taylor, A. Jolly)


School of Public Health Student Posters

# Title 


Promoting mental wellness to prevent suicide in First Nations (E. Amponsah Agyemang)
2 Malaria in an internally displaced persons camp in the DRC (H. M. Brooks, M. K. Jean Paul, K. M. Claude, M. Hawkes)
3 Knowledge and attitudes towards HIV among CHWs in Uganda (H. M. Brooks, M. Hawkes)

Managed alcohol programs: Integrating a public health intervention into an acute care setting (H. Brooks, S. Kassam, G. Salvalaggio, E. Hyshka)

5 Do healthier foods cost more than less healthy foods? (E. Bukambu, A. Ohinmaa, J. Liefers, P. Veugelers)
6 Tuberculosis contact tracing investigation in the Northwest Territories (E. Chan, C. Newberry, H. Hannah)
7 The experience of Syrian refugees in accessing health care services (R. Charchuk, S. Gross, S. Houston, M. Hawkes)
8 Learning about public health: Supporting community education goals through a PhotoVoice and knowledge exchange project (A. Colquhoun, M. J. Highet, M. Lukasewich, K. J. Goodman, Students at Chief Julius School, the Fort McPherson H. pylori Project Planning Committee, the CanHelp Working Group)

Promoting healthy behaviours in after-school care: The role of the care provider (P. E. Elias, K. E. Storey)


The combined impact of diet, physical activity, screen time and sleep on academic achievement: A cross-sectional study of grade five students in Nova Scotia, Canada (E. L. Faught, J .P. Ekwaru, D. Gleddie, K. E. Storey, M. Asbridge, P. J. Veugelers)


What are the most common conditions in primary care? (C. Finley, D. S. Chan, S. Garrison, C. Korownyk, M. Kolber, S. Campbell, G. M. Allan)


“Clearing the air” on evidence regarding waterpipe / hookah use and regulation in Alberta’s youth population: An integrative review (C. J. Y. Lee, A. Webb, C. Nykiforuk, L. Hagen)


A framework for corporate engagement in water initiatives (J. Noga, N. Neumann)


Preventability of dementia: A Canadian retrospective cohort study (A. Pham, N. Drummond, D. Voaklander, A. Wag, C. Lindeman)


Quality of acute myocardial infarction care in Canada: A 10-year review of 30-day readmission (D. T. Tran, R. Welsh, A. Ohinmaa, X. T. Nguyen, P. Kaul)


Eradicating fistula in Bangladesh: An assessment of treatment facilities (C. L. Velasco, S. Doraiswamy, A. Siddiqua, M. N. Uddin)