Accreditation Goals and Objectives

According to the Council on Education for Public Health, goal statements are extensions of a school’s mission statement. They are declarations of what we want to accomplish. We have set measurable objectives for each goal to help us determine if the goal has been met. They are the ways that we operationalize our mission statement.

The following goals and objectives in the areas of education, research and engaged scholarship, service and community engagement and organization have been developed with input from faculty, staff, students and various stakeholder groups. Together, we have reassessed and refined them and will continue to do so as we strive to achieve our mission.

  • Education

    Goal E1.0 - Prepare the next generation of public health professionals and academic leaders

    Objective E1.1 – Attract highly qualified students

    Goal E2.0 – Enhance the quality and access of education programs

    Objective E2.1 – Provide an education experience which optimally prepares students to contribute to Canadian and international society
    Objective E2.2 – Develop strategies to increase the enrollment of qualified Aboriginal, visible minority and international applicants
    Objective E2.3 – Provide high quality, lifelong learning experiences to the public health community

  • Research and Engaged Scholarship

    Goal R1.0 – Advance public health research and its application in programs, practice and policy at provincial, national and global levels

    Objective R1.1 – Increase the amount of external research funding to support innovative public health research
    Objective R1.2 – Increase research outputs to the scholarly community
    Objective R1.3 – Strengthen engaged scholarship to advance the application of public health research in programs, practice and policy

    Goal R2.0 – Increase contributions to research training

    Objective R2.1 – Increase number of graduates with research degrees and post-doctoral fellows
    Objective R2.2 – Provide exceptional opportunities for research students to engage in issue-driven collaborative research with communities or the health-care system

    Goal R3.0 – Increase student participation in research

    Objective R3.1 – Provide increased opportunities for students to engage in research activities

  • Service and Community Engagement
    Goal S1.0 – Advance public health by engaging with communities locally, nationally and internationally

    Objective S1.1 – Develop strategies to support and enhance collaboration between the School and local, national and international communities

    Goal S2.0 – Establish and maintain relationships / partnerships with key faculties at U of A and other universities and with external organizations contributing to public health

    Objective S2.1 – Increase meaningful engagement with other faculties and universities in various capacities (e.g. as teachers, collaborators, co-investigators)
    Objective S2.2 – Increase engagement with external organizations contributing to population and public health
    Objective S2.3 – Leverage networks through social media

  • Organization
    Goal O1.0 – Recruit, retain and reward outstanding faculty

    Objective O1.1 – Develop strategies to ensure the recruitment of adequate faculty with public health practice / health system / policy experience
    Objective O1.2 – Develop effective mentorship program for new faculty
    Objective O1.3 – Facilitate academic advancement based on contributions to the academy and society
    Objective O1.4 – Improve recognition of faculty contribution to public health

    Goal O2.0 – Recruit, retain and reward outstanding staff and provide excellent support through quality infrastructure and resources

    Objective O2.1 – Ensure appropriately skilled administrative staff to support the School’s mission
    Objective O2.2 – Assure that appropriate resources are available to the School