Accreditation Goals and Objectives

According to the Council on Education for Public Health, goal statements are extensions of a school's mission statement. They are declarations of what we want to accomplish. We have set measurable objectives for each goal to help us determine if the goal has been met. They are the ways that we operationalize our mission statement.

The following goals and objectives in the areas of education, policy and practice, research, and organization have been developed with input from faculty, staff, students and various stakeholder groups. Together, we have reassessed and refined them and will continue to do so as we strive to achieve our mission.

  • Education

    Goal 1: Educate current and future leaders in public health policy, practice and research with an emphasis on critical thinking in an interdisciplinary environment.

    Objective 1.1: Attract and retain highly qualified students
    Objective 1.2: Provide excellent educational experience for students
  • Policy and Practice

    Goal 2: Engage in collaborations and partnerships to identify health issues and advocate for, disseminate and implement public health policies and practices based on evidence.

    Objective 2.1: Encourage faculty engagement in policy and practice
    Objective 2.2: Graduates obtain employment

  • Research

    Goal 3: Pursue research to create knowledge to advance the public's health.

    Objective 3.1: Encourage productivity in research and scholarship

  • Organization

    Goal 4: Create an environment whereby the values of the School are embodied in all our endeavours and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

    Objective 4.1: Ensure financial sustainability
    Objective 4.2: Enhance diversity of student, staff and faculty