Neil Drummond

I am an epidemiologist with interests principally in care for dementia in primary care, primary care surveillance and research, the public health-primary care interface and health care for vulnerable communities, especially the homeless and those living in poverty. I lead a pan-Canadian research collaboration, the 'DementiaNET', which includes researchers, clinicians and policymakers who are now focusing on analysing dementia data from the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network, or CPCSSN (for which I am a co-Principal Investigator). CPCSSN is uploading anonymous clinical data from the electronic medical records of around 450 sentinel family physicians across the country. I also lead the Southern Alberta Primary Care Research Network and am contributing to the development of a provincial primary care research network. My methodological interests include trials, survey designs, cohort studies and clinical data analysis. I am a professor and hold the University of Alberta Research Chair in Primary Care in the Department of Family Medicine.


PhD, Public Health, Aberdeen University, UK, 1994
BA (hons) English, City of Birmingham Polytechnic, UK, 1980


Honorary member of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians (UK)

Selected Publications

Greiver M., Williamson T., Bennett T.L., Drummond N., Savage C., Aliarzadeh B., Birtwhistle R.V., Khan S. for the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network. Developing a method to estimate practice denominators for a national Canadian electronic medical record database. Family Practice, 2013

Koehn, S., Spence, M., Jarvis, P., Garcia, L., McCleary, L., Drummond, N. Understanding Chinese-Canadian pathways to a diagnosis of dementia through a critical-constructionist lens. Journal of Aging Studies, 2012; 26 (1), 44-54

Kotecha, J.A., Manca, D., Lambert-Lanning, A., Keshavjee, K., Drummond, N., Godwin, M., Greiver, M., Putnam,W., Lussier, M.T., Birtwhistle, R. Ethics and privacy issues of a practice-based surveillance system: Need for a national-level institutional research ethics board and consent standards. Canadian Family Physician, October, 2011 57: 1165-117

Slaughter, S., Eliasziw, M., Morgan, D., Drummond, N. Functional transitions of nursing home residents with middle-stage dementia. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, May 2011; 37(5): 50-9

McCleary, L., Kozak, J., Persaud, M., Hum, S., Pimlott, N., Cohen, C., Koehn, S., Leung, K., Dalziel, W., Emerson, V., Silvius, J., Drummond, N. Pathways to Dementia Diagnosis Among South Asian Canadians. Dementia, April 2012; 0(0): 1-21

Current Projects

Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network - neurological diseases
Co-principal Investigator
funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada

Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network Phase III (CPCSSN-RCSSPL)
Co-principal Investigator
funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada

An enhanced method to measure chronic disease burdens using health administrative data