Faculty and Staff

Roxanne Felix-Mah

I am the co-manager of the west end location of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN), a settlement agency that supports immigrants and refugees. My management team also supports a number of teams that do work in the areas of community capacity building, community development and healthy families.

I also do consulting work in inclusion and evaluation and seek to provide a community-based perspective in the educational and research activities of the School of Public Health. 

My main interest in public health is health promotion. I have worked in a diversity of sectors (i.e. government and non-profit) and much of my work has focused on mental health promotion; newcomer youth and the educational system; diversity, inclusion, cultural competence and anti-racism; and how health and social systems can effectively serve marginalized populations.




MSc, University of Calgary, 1998
BSc, University of Alberta, 1994