Scott Garrison

I am interested in anything that directly impacts clinical decision making in primary care populations. In particular, this includes pragmatic clinical trials and pharmacoepidemiology.

My core methodologies span randomized controlled trials, cohort analysis of large administrative databases and systematic review/meta-analysis. My less well-known methodologies include sequence symmetry analysis,and analysis of Google Trends search data.

I created and run the Pragmatic Trials Collaborative, a network of Canadian primary care providers willing to recruit for large pragmatic randomized trials that utilize administrative claims data as trial outcomes (mortality and morbidity outcomes). Most of our providers are community family physicians practicing remote from academic centres. Our inaugural trial (INRange) engaged providers in 54 distinct western Canadian communities and our network's current randomized trial (BedMed) is active in five provinces, with close to 300 providers actively recruiting so far.

BedMed is also a demonstration project for the Alberta SPOR Patient Engagement Platform, with ten patient-partners helping to guide the study.

I am also a core member of the PEER Knowledge Translation Team at the University of Alberta, which distributes clinical knowledge synthesis ("Tools-for-Practice") to all Canadian family physicians bi-weekly.


PhD, University of British Columbia, 2012
MD, University of British Columbia, 1991
BASc (Engineering Physics), University of British Columbia, 1987


AAAPC Travel Prize, North American Primary Care Research Group, 2018
Researcher of the Year, Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association, 2017
Outstanding Family Medicine Research Article Award, College of Family Physicians of Canada, 2013

Current Projects

BedMed and BedMed-Frail
Principal investigator
Funded by: CIHR (SPOR iCT) and Alberta Innovates (PRIHS3)


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