Kate Snedeker

I work as a surveillance epidemiologist with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and I hold adjunct appointments at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary.

Prior to coming to Alberta, I completed a PhD examining the epidemiology of E. coli O157 outbreaks in Canada/USA/Scotland and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ontario Veterinary College where my work focused on pre-harvest food safety, evidence-based research methodologies and food-borne/zoonotic pathogens.

I worked briefly on contract for the Public Health Agency of Canada before taking up a position with AHS.

My current work at AHS involves surveillance of communicable diseases, primarily enteric and zoonotic pathogens. This includes preparation of surveillance reports, management of human FoodNet data for Alberta, analytics support for outbreaks and creation of Tableau dashboards to communicate data on enteric pathogens, outbreaks and beach water quality.

My professional and research interests include the epidemiology of enteric/zoonotic pathogens, outbreak control, systematic reviews and One Health approaches to public health.
I have taught sessions on epidemiological methods, surveillance, food-borne outbreak control and vectorborne diseases. Along with partners at other agencies and organizations in Alberta, I helped to found and get initial funding for the Alberta One Health Network.


PhD, University of Edinburgh, 2008
BA, Princeton University, 1999


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