Dunsi Strohschein

I am interested in evidence-based policies and practices in the context of health policy and management.

My prior academic research focused on smoking and tobacco control policies in developing countries and, for its methodology, employed a critical ethnography lens within the philosophical frame of critical realism.

Presently, I am a manager at Alberta Health Services, where I lead People Analytics and Performance reporting. We use evidence-based storytelling, grounded in qualitative and quantitative analysis, to inform organizational decision-making.

My specialties include: systematic reviews, evidence-based practice, global public health, critical ethnography, critical realism, stakeholder engagement, and health policy and management.


PhD, University of Alberta, 2012
MA, University of Guelph, 2005
BSc, University of Ibadan, 1997

Selected Publications

Oladele D (now Strohschein D), Clark AM, Richter S, Laing L. Critical realism: a practical ontology to explain the complexities of smoking and tobacco control in different resource settings. Global Health Action, Volume 6, 2013 - Issue s4: Special Issue: Global Health Beyond 2015

Oladele D (now Strohschein D), Clark AM, Richter S, Laing L. Critical ethnography: a useful methodology in conducting health research in different resource settings. The Qualitative Report 2012 Volume 17, Article 77, 1-21