Research Expertise

Members of the media who are seeking expert comment may refer to the table below as it highlights the research interests of each faculty member. To connect with the most appropriate researcher, please contact Nisa Drozdowski, Communications and Media Associate.

Nisa Drozdowski
Communications and Media Associate
P: 780-492-1982

Name Research Interests
Ashbolt, Nicholas amoebae, biofilms, community acquired pneumonia, in-premise plumbing microbiome, Legionella-like bacteria, quantitative microbial risk assessment, water-based pathogen removal
Chatwood, Susan circumpolar health, health systems , health systems stewardship, determinants of health in the Arctic
Dinu, Irina bioinformatics, biological pathways, biostatistics, DNA microarray, gene set analysis, genomic, proteomic, Metabolomic studies, statistical genetics
Eurich, Dean

diabetes, health outcomes, morbidity, mortality, pneumonia, chronic disease, epidemiology, health systems and services, pharmacoepidemiology, drug use and drug policy, aboriginal health

Francescutti, Louis

governance, injury, knowledge translation, media advocacy, policy development, public health communication, quality control, disaster medicine, emergency medicine, preventative medicine, palliative carec

Hanington, Patrick biological hazards, environmental health, global health, immunology, infectious disease, parasitology, schistosomiasis
Harper, Sherilee climate change and health, climate change adaptation, Indigenous peoples' health, community-led research, community-led participatory research, social and environmental epidemiology, mixed research methods, Inuit Nunangat, Uganda, Peru
Hodgins, Stephen maternal-newborn-child health, private sector service providers, community health workers, "scale-up"
Hyshka, Elaine drug and alcohol policy, engaged scholarship, harm reduction, health ethics law and policy, health services research, illicit substance use, program evaluation, substance use services
Jhangri, Gian applications of computers, biostatistics, design and analysis of clinical trials, occupational cancer case-control studies, statistical/epidemiological methods, survival analysis
Johnson, Jeff diabetes, epidemiology, health economics, health outcomes, health services, HRQL and population health, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology
Johnson, Shanthi falls/injury prevention, seniors' health, home and community care, long term care, nutrition and exercise intervention, health promotion, health system improvement, population health, rural health, global health
Maximova, Katerina cardiovascular disease, children and adolescents, epidemiology, health promotion, public health, prevention, risk factors
Menon, Dev

health technology assessment, social values in health care, resource allocation decision-making, technology adoption

Montesanti, Stephanie

health policy intervention and analysis, patient, public and community engagement, primary health care delivery for vulnerable populations, knowledge exchange and research use in health policy decisions, Indigenous health, women's health promotion

Mumtaz, Zubia

Global health, reproductive and maternal health, gender and class inequities, social determinants of health, health systems and maternal health policy, community health workers and midwives, quantative, qualitative research methods, mixed methods research

Neumann, Norm environment, drinking water, molecular epidemiology, pollution, prions, source tracking, waterborne pathogens
Nykiforuk, Candace

chronic disease prevention, community based research, community environment, health geography, health policy, knowledge exchange, tobacco control, physical activity, play, rural and remote communities

Ohinmaa, Arto CEA, CBA, CUA, cost projections, economics of public health, health economics, health related quality of life, health technology assessment, telemedicine and telehealth
Otto, Simon

epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance and foodborne pathogens in the farm-to-fork continuum; one health - surveillance, networks, and ecosystems; animal health surveillance

Pabayo, Roman social epidemiology, social determinants of health, social and health inequalities, social-economic contextual factors, neighborhoods
Raine, Kim community health, health promotion, nutrition, obesity, policy, public health, qualitative research
Senthilselvan, Sentil analysis of survival data, clustered data, longitudinal and multilevel data, asthma epidemiology, biostatistics, genetic epidemiology, health of agricultural workers, latent class models, random effects models
Spitzer, Denise migration, intersectionality, global health, participatory research, qualitative research, visual storytelling, impact of neoliberal globalization and policies on health and well-being
Springett, Jane collaborative working, ecological sustainability and health, healthy cities and communities, participatory action research and evaluation, participatory community-based practice, reflexivity, socio-ecological approaches to health promotion
Storey, Kate

chronic disease prevention, community based research, health promotion, implementation science, child health, knowledge translation, nutrition, obesity, public health, qualitative methods, school health

Veugelers, Paul childhood obesity, epidemiology, health policy, nutrition, population based research, public health, school health
Voaklander, Donald

Injury prevention

Wild, Cam addictions research, mental health research, etiology, prevention and treatment, problem drinking, injection drug use, smoking, comorbid addictions, mental disorders, treatment systems, social policy
Yamamoto, Shelby

climate change, environmental health, epidemiology, infectious disease, vulnerable populations

Yanow, Stephanie diagnosis, drug resistance, host: parasite interactions, infectious disease, molecular biology, malaria, parasitology, pregnancy, public health
Yasui, Yutaka bioinformatics, biomarkers, biostatistics, cancer epidemiology, epidemiologic methods, health inequality, public health
Yuan, Yan biostatistical methods, cancer epidemiology, classification methods, model evaluation, statistical application, statistical prediction