Report to Community 2016

Relevant Research

Patrick Hanington examining schistosomes with his research staff in a small rural community in Ghana, Africa.

Public health is dynamic and interdisciplinary—from biostatistics and epidemiology to health policy and socio-behavioural health it is a field with great breadth and depth.

Researchers at the School of Public Health create knowledge and link evidence with health policy and practice. Some of our research is curiosity driven, spearheaded by our faculty members and research teams. Other research is community driven, its direction determined by priorities and policies of our community-based partner organizations.

Our work spans the full range of public health disciplines, and it involves multiple methods and approaches. Researchers work with others to protect water supplies, prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, build community capacity for health and wellness, and develop and evaluate health technology and health policies.

Through interdisciplinary inquiry and engaged partnerships locally, nationally and globally, the School of Public Health is promoting health and wellness, protecting health, preventing disease and injury, and reducing health inequities. 

Award-Winning Scholars

Increasingly, funding agencies, governments, and indeed community members are asking about the return on investment for university-based research. We demonstrate how our research is making an impact by advancing knowledge, building capacity, informing decision making and, ultimately, improving health care and the well-being of all Canadians.

Our award-winning scholars have received funding from major institutions and groups.

Research Groups

Much of our research is undertaken by large collaborative research teams, groups or units. From understanding the many facets of addiction to promoting optimal weights, and from managing diabetes to providing evidence for influencing health policy, our faculty members are tackling some of the most complex health issues facing our communities.

Meet our Faculty

At the School of Public Health, our researchers engage in both curiosity-driven and community-driven inquiry, and are committed to productive knowledge exchange. Each one has research expertise within the broad field of public health.

Centre for Health Promotion Studies

Established in 1996, the Centre for Health Promotion Studies has sought to provide research, education and sills to promote community health and well-being.

Injury Prevention Centre

Since 1998, the Injury Prevention Centre (formerly the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research) has worked with academics, practitioners, communities and governments to make Alberta a safer place to live and work.