Report to Community 2016

The Future

Ten years ago, when the University of Alberta created the School of Public Health, we set out to meet the challenges placed before us. Our field is ever-changing. New concerns arise and new information comes to light. Today, there is still great need for comprehensive solutions that address complex public health issues facing our world.

As we enter the School’s second decade, we do so within an economic and political environment of competing priorities and reduced funding. The demands on us to fulfil our purpose—to create knowledge, educate public health professionals and advance the public’s health—are greater than ever. 

Not only must we be resourceful, we also need to steward the resources placed in our trust. We are, after all, in a great public institution—the University of Alberta—acting for the public good.

Our Pledge

This year, we begin a new tradition.

A group of faculty, staff, students and alumni developed the pledge you see below. It was approved by our Faculty Council in February 2016. The new pledge is taken by incoming and continuing students annually at orientation as we begin a new academic year. 

This tradition is designed to instill a sense of pride within our community and affirm our affiliation to a common cause—promoting, protecting and improving the health of all people. 

Strategic Directions

We are committed to advancing health through interdisciplinary inquiry and by working with our partners in promoting health and wellness, protecting health, preventing disease and injury, and reducing health inequities locally, nationally and globally.

Our strategic directions reflect this commitment and outline our areas of focus.

Join us

In pursuit of our strategic goals, we’ll build on our core strengths and seek mutually beneficial connections with colleagues, collaborators, partners and friends, so that together we serve those in Alberta, Canada and around our world.

We invite you to come alongside us in this endeavour.

If you would like to explore with us opportunities to collaborate on projects or initiatives of mutual interest, please contact us:
P: 780-492-9954