Strategic Directions

The School of Public Health is committed to advancing health through interdisciplinary inquiry and by working with our partners in promoting health and wellness, protecting health, preventing disease and injury, and reducing health inequities locally, nationally and globally. As agents of change, our responsibility is to contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability for the welfare of future generations. At its core, public health is about what is best for all of us, including the most vulnerable.


To be the leading school of public health in Canada-the most sought after school of public health for education, research and advice on public policy and practice.


To engage with partners to create knowledge, educate public health professionals and advance the public's health.


Stewardship: We are transparent and accountable for our decisions and use our resources wisely.

Teamwork and Partnerships: We value teamwork and collaboration, which contribute to our efforts to achieve personal and shared goals. We are committed to broad partnerships and interdisciplinary inquiry as essential to address public health issues.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all our endeavours.

Engagement: We value opportunities to engage internally and with the public, communities and decision makers to advance public health practice and policy.

Respect: Our relationships are based on mutual respect and personal trustworthiness and are strengthened by open communication. We value diversity and inclusiveness and the opportunity to promote health of students, faculty and staff in a supportive working environment.