Strategic Directions

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Education

Educate current and future leaders in public health policy, practice, education and research with an emphasis on critical thinking in an interdisciplinary environment.


  1. Complete current curriculum review focusing on competency assessment at the program level and revising the curriculum to meet the needs of policy and practice in professional context, by April 2015.
  2. Develop a plan to enhance the learning experience, which includes diversity of student population, by December 2014.
  3. Develop and implement a plan for providing professional development programs with key internal and external partners as follows:
  4. Examine the feasibility of expanding the degree programs and methods of offerings, by April 2015.

Goal 2: Policy and Practice

Engage in collaborations and partnerships to identify health issues and advocate for, disseminate and implement public health policies and practices based on evidence.


  1. Identify future opportunities to enhance partnerships and collaborations within SPH and the University, by January 2015.
  2. Identify future opportunities with local organizations to increase knowledge and develop/provide evidence to influence adoption of effective public health policies and practice, by April 2015.
  3. Identify future opportunities to enhance our outreach nationally and internationally, by April 2015.

Goal 3: Research

Pursue research to create knowledge to advance the public’s health.


  1. Identify future opportunities for collaborations with researchers within and outside of School of Public Health, by December 31, 2014.
  2. Assess the requirements for research infrastructure support and establish the approved support, by December 2014.
  3. Establish evaluation criteria for measuring the impact of our research on public health, by September 2015.
  4. Identify future opportunities with organizations with whom our School could undertake research (including service contracts), by December 2015.
  5. Establish one or more “centres of excellence” addressing priority and /or emerging public health issues, engaging interdisciplinary faculty, by December 2016.
  6. Create new funding for 6 additional highly qualified research trainees (MSc, PhD, PDF) through funding other than grant funds, by July 2016.

Goal 4: Organizational Environment

Create an environment whereby the values of the School are embodied in all our endeavours and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.


  1. Create a supportive and engaging environment to increase the cohesion between students, faculty and staff, by April 2015.
  2. Create an environment whereby the contributions towards achievement of the School’s Mission of all (students, staff and faculty) are individually and collectively recognized, by April 2015.
  3. Identify future opportunities for mentoring of students, faculty and staff, by December 2014.
  4. Develop and implement a plan to increase alumni engagement, by May 2014.
  5. Implement changes to ensure that our administrative organization is effective and efficient in meeting the needs of the School (including students services), by November 2014.
  6. Develop a human resources plan for recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff, by December 2014. 
  7. Develop a strategic plan for fund development with the Office of Advancement, by December 2014.
  8. Update our communication plan to enhance the profile of and engagement with the School, by December 2014.
  9. Develop a three year rolling financial plan to achieve our mission, by April 2015.
  10. Update and publish all School policies and guidelines taking into account the Vision, Mission and Values of the School and posted on the intranet, by April 2015.
  11. Prepare to maintain the School’s accreditation, by September 2015.