This is Public Health


At its core, it is about what is best for all of us, including the most vulnerable. Its aim is to maintain and improve the health of communities and populations. It crosses multiple fields of study such as health, social and human sciences to touch every aspect of our lives on a daily basis.

Our globalized world links us and our health more closely than ever. The challenge of public health is to investigate all aspects of health, from social networks and economic circumstances, to our environment, to then prevent health risks and promote better health for all of us.

Over the last century, there have been dramatic achievements in public health to improve our quality of life: people can expect to live longer, there are fewer infant and child deaths, water is safe to drink and air is clean to breathe, illness and injury is prevented before it happens, and healthy eating and lifestyle choices are easier.

In this century, new challenges—such as increasing rates of chronic disease—arise every day and beg for leaders who will work collaboratively on innovative and comprehensive solutions. As you can see, public health is broad in scope. 

What is public health?