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Sleep is a pillar of child health and well-being. And yet, in Canada, nearly one-third of kids aged 10-13 and about a quarter of those 14-17 are sleep deprived.

Research shows that sleep impacts a child’s attention span, weight, behaviour, diet and overall physical and mental health. So what can we do to ensure children are getting the sleep they need? The answer may exist in our schools.

On March 15, 2018 The School of Public Health welcomed assistant professor Kate Storey to present on the importance of sleep and its link to physical activity, nutrition and academic achievement. She also discussed how promoting health—including sleep—at school can translate to healthy behaviours at home.


Past lectures

Legalizing Cannabis | Clearing the smoke 

Canada is poised to pass the Cannabis Act. But, is it just about providing legal access to the drug? 

Lecture by Assistant Professor Elaine Hyshka.


Old MacDonald had a farm injury 

It is the fourth most hazardous industry in Canada for injury. And when it comes to fatality rates, there is no profession more dangerous. Why, then, aren’t farm workers fairly and equitably protected by legislation in their workplace?

Lecture by Professor Don Voaklander.


10 things to know about addictions 

Addictions affect one in five Albertan adults. They involve alcohol, gambling, prescription drugs and other substances. How should communities respond, and how is our health system handling the problems?

Lecture by Professor Cameron Wild.


The water revolution | Reimagining our water system

Researcher Nicholas Ashbolt is working on ways to keep our water safe by reimagining how we use and reuse water, he is protecting the health and well-being of those living in our communities.


Dying in childbirth | Delivering solutions for mothers around the globe

Every day nearly 800 women die from childbirth around the globe. This is about the same as four full Boeing 767’s crashing per day. Of these women, 99 per cent are from developing nations.

Lecture by Associate Professor Zubia Mumtaz.