This is Public Health

Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the photo contest. 

After review by a judging panel made up of faculty, students, staff, and alumni, the top ten photos were sent to a public vote. Nearly 1300 votes came in to select the top three photos.

No single photo can encompass the broad field of public health. Thank you for submitting photos, casting your vote and building awareness and understanding about public health.

1st Place Winner

Arif Alibhai, PhD '13, MHSA ‘96
staff member, alumnus

Many rural schools in low-income countries do not have access to clean water to enable children to practice personal hygiene. By raising awareness of this issue, we motivated Edmonton High School students to raise funds to purchase a rainwater harvesting system for a primary school in Uganda.

2nd Place Winner

Manal Abou-Ghaida, MPH ‘11

People are most likely to be healthy when they are living in environments with clean, safe, and aesthetically appealing vibrant sidewalks. These two pictures depict the essence of this. Notice the: unobtrusive lighting, spacious shoveled path, garbage cans for litter, bike racks, inviting bench for relaxation, and nature in the built environment.

3rd Place Winner

Mary Masson, PGD '83

An excited father took a picture of his child receiving her first immunization over forty years ago at the Eastwood Health Clinic. The mother held my hand while I immunized her child. A neighbourhood with many new immigrants, it was not unusual for the extended family to attend children’s immunizations.