Seven ATV safety tips for a safe ride

The Injury Prevention Centre in the School of Public Health has advice to stay safe on the trails.

If you're heading out on the trails this summer, the Injury Prevention Centre has some important tips to keep you safe on an ATV.

1. Protect your head and body with an approved off-road helmet that has a shield for the eyes and face, plus gloves, a long-sleeve shirt, long pants and boots that cover the ankles and have heels to prevent feet from slipping off the foot rests.

2. Never allow children under 16 to operate an adult-size ATV.

3. An adult must supervise children driving ATVs.

4. To find out if your child is ready to drive a quad - whether it be for agricultural work or for recreation - answer the questions from the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks.

5. Take an ATV training course. Check Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association or Alberta Safety Council.

6. Do not carry a passenger on a single-seat ATV.

7. Do not drink and drive. [From 2002 to 2013, 51 per cent of ATV drivers killed were over the legal blood alcohol content limit to drive (0.05).]

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