Look up and other safety tips for pedestrians

Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, but also have a responsibility to cross safely.

In 2018, there were 250 collisions involving pedestrians in Edmonton. Sadly, 251 people were injured and six died.

Injury Prevention Centre expert, Kathy Belton, provides some tips for pedestrians to ensure they are navigating traffic, and using crosswalks safely.

  1. Look up from your phone
    According to the Injury Prevention Centre, an Edmonton survey showed 72 per cent of respondents ages 16 to 34 reported using electronic devices while walking. If you are texting or online while walking, you cannot give your full attention to both tasks and you run the risk of not seeing oncoming traffic.

    "Put your phone down so you can look all ways for traffic and obey crossing signals, to ensure you can cross safely," says Belton.

  2. Make eye contact with drivers
    Both drivers and pedestrians are responsible for road safety. While pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, they also have the responsibility to cross safely.

    "Stepping out into an intersection is not a safe way to get drivers to stop," says Belton. "Check that traffic has stopped before you start to cross, and make eye contact with drivers so you're aware of each other's intentions."

  3. Be alert all the way across
    Watch for traffic in all lanes as you cross the street. Drivers making a right turn on a red light might not see you. Drivers turning left across traffic might not see you either.

    "Remember that as a pedestrian in a collision with a vehicle, the pedestrian is always going to lose," warns Belton.

Injury Prevention Centre | Pedestrian Injuries

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