This is Public Health

Public health is your health.

What is Public Health?

At its core, it is about what is best for all of us, including the most vulnerable. Its aim is to maintain and improve the health of communities and populations. It crosses multiple fields of study such as health, social and human sciences to touch every aspect of our lives on a daily basis.

To learn more about public health, check out the video profiles highlighted below.

What does building a healthy community for children look like? It means taking a more holistic approach to children’s health and making the healthy choice the easy choice where they live, learn and play.

Kate Storey is passionate about improving the overall health and well-being of families and communities

What is a biostatistician and what kind of challenges do they face? What is methodological and collaborative research?

Find out more about biostatistics and how they can be applied to real health settings.

What is epidemiology? It is the study of factors affecting health and illness in communities and populations. Research like Dean Eurich’s focuses on chronic disease as a whole, including drug therapies, prevention strategies and health outcomes.

Find out more about epidemiology and Dean Eurich’s research