Award-winning Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nomination criteria?

The criteria vary for each award. Criteria for each award is listed immediately below its title.

Alumni awards are not awarded posthumously.

Nominees must have graduated with a master of public health, master of science or doctor of philosophy degree from the School of Public Health, or a master of health services administration, master of health sciences or postgraduate diploma.

Anyone may submit a nomination; nominators do not have to be a University of Alberta alumnus to submit a nomination.

Are current University of Alberta faculty and staff eligible?

Yes, anyone who is an alumnus of the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta can be nominated, including University of Alberta faculty and staff. 

Where can I see a list of previous award recipients?

2016 will be the first year an alumni award will be awarded. Future Alumni Award recipients will be listed here

Who selects the recipients?

Award selections are made by members of the Alumni Awards Selection Committee. This committee consists of a group of five School of Public Health stakeholders: one senior faculty member (Dean or Vice-Dean), the Communications and Alumni Associate, one student, one alumnus and one School of Public Health Alumni Chapter executive representative.

How are alumni award recipients selected?

Many factors go into the final decision. Reviewing all nominations received, the Alumni Awards Committee is committed to selecting the most worthy recipients, while ensuring the alumni awards granted represent the diversity of achievements and contributions by School of Public Health graduates.

Who should I approach as a referee? 

Ideal referees are people who can personally comment on the specific achievements, contributions and the impact of these actions of the person nominated.

What does a nomination consist of?

The nomination guidelines are listed directly below the alumni award here

When will the recipients be announced?

Award recipients are contacted by phone at the end of August and the list of award recipient will be announced in the School of Public Health’s e-newsletter in mid-September.

How will the recipients be recognized?

This year, the recipient will be recognized on the School of Public Health website, in the School’s e-newsletter and at the School of Public Health’s alumni weekend event held on Friday, September 23, 2016.