Make A Gift

We believe in the power of partnership to address the health challenges facing our society. Thank you for partnering with us and for investing in the lives and work of our faculty and students. Your gifts really do make a difference.

Donor-funded awards at the School of Public Health play a vital role in supporting a student on their path to greatness. Supporters who choose to endow an award are making a life-changing investment in the lives of our students and the field of public health.

“Give while the hand is warm.” Living out this motto is, in part, what inspired Doug and Jane Wilson to establish the School of Public Health 10th Anniversary Graduate Award.

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Nadya Zukowski, the first recipient of the Doucette-Preville Scholarship, says, “I hope to bring a health promotion lens to help those in a cross-cultural setting.”

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“Always help other people whenever you can.” This is just one of the values Yvonne Freelove instilled in her children.

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“Financial support from the School of Public Health was crucial for the success of my practicum,” Schlegelmilch says. “It would have been impossible otherwise.”

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Even at a young age, Mandy White was involved in her community. Staying after school in grade four and helping her teacher grade papers convinced her that she, too, wanted to work with people and shape the lives of others.

Clearly, some things never change. She is the seventh recipient of the Dawn Bucharski Graduate Award in Health Promotion.

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Yvonne Uyanwune is a devoted volunteer. “Volunteering helps to balance me. As much as I love to study and be involved in school, I like to give back to communities. It makes my day better."

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Through Peer Education Kabarole, Ugandan young people are taking action to prevent themselves and their friends from HIV infection other unwanted health outcomes.

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