Graduates - Fall 2018

Congratulations to the graduates of the Fall 2018 Convocation:

Graduate Certificate

Hannah Brooks, Communicable Diseases

Master of Public Health

Emily Buss, MPH, Applied Biostatistics
Stefani Chokka, MPH, Global Health
Shang Dong, MPH, Health Promotion
Rachael Erdmann, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Cortney Hlady, MPH, Health Promotion
Alexandra Kanters, MPH, Health Promotion
Tahmid Kashem, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Homan Lee, MPH, Health Promotion
Emily Lennon, MPH, Health Promotion
Jamille Pozer, MPH, Health Promotion
Dylan Roscovich, MPH, Environmental and Occupational Health
Jennifer Russell, MPH, Health Promotion
Courtney Wiens, MPH, Health Promotion

Master of Science

Ayse Akpinar, MSc, Health Policy and Research
Sana Amjad, MSc, Global Health
Hannah Brooks, MSc, General Public Health
Warnakulasuriya Coonghe, MSc, Clinical Epidemiology
Ben Dubois, MSc, Epidemiology
Angela Eckstrand, MSc, Epidemiology
Pierrette Elias, MSc, Health Promotion and Socio-Behavioural Sciences
Jessica Hopkins, MSc, Clinical Epidemiology
Jesse Jahrig, MSc, Health Promotion
Yahya Khormi, MSc, Clinical Epidemiology
Kara Loewen, MSc, Epidemiology
Caroline O'Keefe-Markman, MSc, Global Health
Jennifer Pillay, MSc, Health Technology Assessment
Colin Reynolds, MSc, Environmental Health Sciences
Dax Rumsey, MSc, Clinical Epidemiology
Priatharsini Sivananthajothy, MSc, Global Health
Keely Stenberg, MSc, Health Promotion
Leanne Teslak, MSc, Environmental Health Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy

Anushka Ataullahjan, PhD, Public Health
Amy Colquhoun, PhD, Epidemiology
Douglas Dover, PhD, Public Health
Cindy Im, PhD, Epidemiology
Atsushi Kawaguchi, PhD, Epidemiology
Elham Khodayari Moez, PhD, Epidemiology