Graduates - Spring 2016

Congratulations to the graduates of the Spring 2016 Convocation:

Master of Public Health

Alexandra Barras, MPH, Global Health
Cori Bendall, MPH, Health Promotion
Alia Bharwani, MPH, Health Promotion
Anna Brown, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Allie Buxton, MPH, Health Promotion
Ting-Kuang (Steven) Chao, MPH, Environmental and Occupational Health
Kelsey Chawla, MPH, Health Promotion
Eugene Cheung, MPH, Public Health Leadership
Claire Drake, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Alyssa Ferguson, MPH, Global Health
Karin Fluet, MPH Health Policy and Management
Diana Fondo, MPH, Global Health
Katelyn Fraser, MPH, Health Promotion
Lisa Freeman, MPH, Health Promotion
Winny Fung, MPH, Global Health
Diana Garcia Soler, MPH, Health Promotion
Soumita Ghose, MPH, Global Health
Lynne Giroux, MPH, Health Promotion
Vaisnavi Gnanasekaran, MPH, Global Health
Elikem Harewood, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Sarah Jiwa, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Sarah Lane, MPH, Global Health
Diana Lin, MPH, Health Promotion
Carl Malishewski, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Sofiya Manji, MPH, Epidemiology
Nathan McClure, MPH, Applied Biostatistics
Faeze Nouri, MPH, Epidemiology
Katherine O'Connell, MPH, Health Promotion
Allison Power, MPH, Health Promotion
Jordan Ross, MPH, Epidemiology
Yibing Ruan, MPH Applied Biostatistics
Darcy Savage, MPH Health Policy and Management
Ye Shen, MPH, Applied Biostatistics
Kimberly Stinson, MPH, Health Promotion
Bernice Tiggelaar, MPH, Global Health
Emma Treadwell, MPH, Global Health
Georgia Venner, MPH, Global Health
Allison Walter, MPH, Health Promotion
Lydia Weiskopf-Tran, MPH, Health Promotion
Qiaochu Yu, MPH, Environmental Health and Occupation

Master of Science

Jessica Beatty, MSc, Epidemiology
Lindsay Gaudet, MSc, Epidemiology
Marc Parsons, MSc, Epidemiology
Surya Poudel, MSc, Epidemiology
Sanjesh Roop, MSc, Clinical Epidemiology
Sean Tiggelaar, MSc, Health Technology Assessment

Doctor of Philosophy

Elaine Hyshka, PhD, Health Promotion
Shabnam Vatanpour, PhD, Public Health