Graduates - Spring 2019

Congratulations to the graduates of the Spring 2019 Convocation:

Graduate Certificate

Regan Bartel, Communicable Diseases
Rebecca Clark, Communicable Diseases
Jade Park, Communicable Diseases
Jillian Peters, Communicable Diseases
Leanne Zubowski, Communicable Diseases

Master of Public Health

Kristy Baron, MPH, Health Promotion
Reagan Bartel, MPH, Global Health
Jacqueline Burt, MPH, Epidemiology
Hilton Chan, MPH, Health Promotion
Tung Chang, MPH, Applied Biostatistics
Njuacha George Ebesoh, MPH, Environmental and Occupational Health
Juanita Gnanapragasam, MPH, Health Promotion
Jill Harms, MPH, Health Promotion
Keepa Karmacharya, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Himatjit Kaur, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Natasha Lifeso, MPH, Epidemiology
Mila Luchak, MPH, Health Promotion
Hollyn Maloney, MPH, Global Health
Aparna Munshi, MPH, Health Promotion
Faith Ongoro, MPH, Environmental and Occupational Health
Adrianna Paiero, MPH, Epidemiology
Jade Park, MPH, Global Health
Jillian Peters, MPH, Global Health
Ceileann Regan, MPH, Health Promotion
Kelsey Robertson, MPH, Global Health
Kelly Saper, MPH, Health Promotion
Laryssa Sawchuk, MPH, Health Promotion
Vamini Selvanandan, MPH, Health Promotion
Staci Silverman, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Carlos Solarte, MPH, Epidemiology
Aleksandra Tymczak, MPH, Food Safety
Punarjot Vasdev, MPH, Health Policy and Management
Anna Voeuk, MPH, Global Health
Emma Walsh, MPH, Health Promotion
Sateen Werner, MPH, Health Promotion
Sarah Youssef, MPH. Health Promotion
Meicun (Macy) Zou, MPH, Applied Biostatistics
Leanne Zubowski, MPH, Global Health

Master of Science

Megan Beaudry, MSc, Environmental Health Sciences
Rebecca Clark, MSc, Epidemiology
Joshua Hathaway, MSc, Epidemiology
Mackenzie Moir, MSc, Health Policy Research

Doctor of Philosophy

Hayford Avedzi, PhD, Public Health
Michelle Gordy, PhD, Public Health
Nicole Ofosu, PhD, Epidemiology
Rachel Prowse, PhD, Health Promotion and Socio-behavioural Sciences