Michael Arget, MPH '09

By uniting his education and work experience in public health and medicine, Michael Arget hopes to improve the health-care system. 

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Deena Hinshaw, MPH '08

Unlike the majority of doctors who see one patient at a time, Deena Hinshaw views the population as her patient.

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After earning her medical degree, Ginetta Salvalaggio pursued her MSc in population health realizing she could make an impact in her own backyard.

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Katherine Dong, MSc '07

While doing her residency in emergency medicine, Kathryn Dong felt there was a better way to prevent and address downstream public health issues. She then became a public health leader in inner-city Edmonton. 

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Shandy Reed (MSc ‘06)

Shandy Reed pursued her master of public health degree because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of her clients.


Michele Moon, MSc '04

Michele Moon bridges her master of science degree in health promotion and her bachelor of science in occupational therapy to make public health better for all people. 

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