Defining Webinars of 2020

COVID-19 highlights the pressing need to address vulnerability, sickness and inequity in our communities. As we anticipate the long-term social, economic and health effects of the pandemic, now is the time to take action—and shape our future—to ensure communities rebound and achieve their healthiest potential.

Public health research has a huge role to play in managing and alleviating the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us to consider new ways of thinking about what’s needed for long-term health resiliency. Watch the webinars below to learn more about how the pandemic might be affecting local and global communities, how you can protect your physical and mental health, and what we can learn from COVID-19.

Please note that the information shared within these webinars was accurate at the time of release, but may not be relevant any more. For Albertans, be sure to check the most up-to-date information on the Government of Alberta website.


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COVID-19: The Interconnections that Impact Health

The COVID-19 pandemic makes clear how vulnerable we are, not only to infectious diseases, but to chronic diseases that continue to be Canada's leading causes of death. Factors like income, education, gender — social determinants of health — are the connectors and food insecurity can illustrate this.

Hear from Kim Raine, professor at the School of Public Health and learn what insights public health and social justice perspectives bring to create the conditions needed to achieve health for all.

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COVID-19: Financial Strain and Public Health

COVID-19 is having a profound effect on people’s finances, with long-term mental, physical and social health implications that will impact resiliency for decades to come. Find out more about how the public health values of equity, prevention and addressing root causes can help to promote financial well-being and resilient communities.

Hear from experts from the School of Public Health and learn about the implications of financial strain on vulnerable and underserved groups and the related negative effects to their health. Find out how equity, prevention and addressing root causes can help to promote financial well-being and resiliency for communities.

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COVID-19 Aftermath: Addiction and Mental Health Supports 

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed fault lines in community and health service support for addiction and mental health in unprecedented ways. In this webinar, we explore those fault lines and discuss what it would take to redesign support systems to promote population mental health beyond the pandemic. 

Hear from experts Elaine Hyshka (PhD ‘16), assistant professor at the School of Public Health and Cam Wild, professor at the School of Public Health to learn more about supporting populations and strengthening addiction and mental health systems in the aftermath of COVID-19.

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Adapting to the New Normal: A Practical Guide for Seniors

The COVID-19 health crisis has resulted in unprecedented steps taken to contain the spread. As we adopt and adapt to this new landscape, what steps can you take to protect your health and well-being?

 Hear from our cross-faculty panel of UAlberta experts, including Shanthi Johnson, dean of the School of Public Health, as they answer your questions and discuss evidence-based ways to protect your health. Learn about medication decisions, exercise, resilience strategies and more on how to meet your needs for long-term thrivability across living environments.


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Pandemic Perspectives: What We’ve Learned from COVID-19

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Alberta’s world-class researchers and scholars have been actively engaged in efforts to limit the spread of the virus, help local and global communities and find a cure.

Hear from a panel of UAlberta experts from the faculties of Medicine & Dentistry, Nursing and Public Health as they discuss the lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19, why UAlberta is uniquely equipped to respond to the pandemic, and how our knowledge is helping reimagine systems, structures and policies for a better future.

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2020 Pathways Lecture: Navigating the Political Landscape of Public Health

Public health can only be achieved by the combined actions of many people, working together in pursuit of a common goal. And our political landscape has an impact on how effective we can be. Navigating the political landscape of public health is an important skill in addressing policy gaps, inequity and systems change. 

Hear from alumni leaders Janet Davidson, (MHSA '81), Elaine Hyshka, (PhD '16), and Don Juzwishin (MHSA '80) as they share their experiences and the learnings they've gleaned as they navigated and maximized opportunities in the public health landscape. 

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In Canada, we take our safe water systems for granted. But, as water-borne pathogens evolve and get stronger, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control these new superbugs. While the immediacy of the pandemic has heightened the problem of access to clean water, especially for marginalized and Indigenous populations, this inequity has a long history. The fight to improve infrastructure and access to clean drinking water continues worldwide.

Hear from Norman Neumann, vice-dean of the School of Public Health, to learn about the profound influence of water supply and quality on public health, and how we can protect ourselves from the ever-evolving pathogens in our water.

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Thanks to our partners on these webinars: University of Alberta Alumni Relations, School of Public Health Alumni and our health science faculty partners.