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Health Matters: Whyte Ave. accessibility

Nicole Glenn from the Centre for Healthy Communities shares a study that shows barriers to accessibility on Whyte Ave. in Edmonton.

Alberta, BC schools remain open as COVID-19 variant cases climb

Jim Talbot, adjunct professor in the School of Public Health, comments on the decision to keep Alberta schools despite the increases in COVID-19 variants in the province.

UCP to test new overdose prevention app in Calgary, months after scrapping a similar province-wide service

Elaine Hyshka says we're running out of solutions and the government needs a greater sense of urgency in its response to the overdose crisis.

200% spike in hand sanitizer poisonings during pandemic: report

Kathy Belton speaks about a massive increase in hand sanitizer poisonings and the number of calls to Alberta's Poison and Drug Information Services.

Revisiting COVID-19 one year later - What does this mean for survivors? with Dr. Montesanti

In this CJSR Adamant Eve podcast, hosts speak to Stephanie Montesanti about her research into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people who are currently experiencing domestic and interpersonal violence to know more about how COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions has affected this population as well as the anti-violence sector overall.

Advocates worry health policy change another government dismissal of harm reduction

Cameron Wild says language used in revisions, taken in context of other changes made by the UCP government, delegitimizes harm reduction approaches as valid health treatment.

Some COVID-19 outbreaks still listed as active on Saskatchewan government website long after they were declared over

Dean Eurich comments that "accurate information is the backbone of the battle against COVID-19" because it builds public trust and prevents the spread of disinformation that creates polarizing public debates.

'A matter of life and death': U of C study details benefits of threatened opioid treatment program

Elaine Hyshka says it's likely many people will return to street drug use and there is a real chance that patients will die as a result.

Financial strain is a stressor that's only been made worse by the pandemic

The effects of the pandemic include a dramatic rise in people experiencing financial strain. An international partnership including Candace Nykiforuk and the Centre for Healthy Communities is taking a look at how policy can help improve the outlook.

Economy vs. health: Experts say COVID-19 has put Alberta in ‘disproportionate’ balance

Roman Pabayo says that while he understands the eagerness to lift some public health restrictions, it’s not ideal to do so amid the new variants being confirmed in the province.

Your pets and COVID-19

Simon Otto discusses the possible COVID-19 risks pets and their owners face.

The ethics of vaccine rollout: Who should be in Alberta's Phase 2?

Dev Menon says that people are more willing to accept who is included if they understand the procedural justice of how the decisions are made.

Alberta's safe consumption review biased and flawed, researcher says

Cam Wild and other researchers say the committee did not review the benefits of supervised consumption services, and its report stokes unchecked claims and unfounded allegations about the service.

We're in a crisis during a pandemic: Friends, family talk about overdose deaths

Elaine Hyshka says the main factor for the parallel pandemic has been a disruption of traditional supply lines for the illegal drug market because of border closures.

Alberta NDP calls for massive expansion of access to remote mental health services

Roman Pabayo says the biggest support measure for mental health during the pandemic restrictions might be better financial aid from the federal and provincial governments.

Dr. Devidas Menon calls for health leaders to think beyond the politicians versus public health mentality

Dev Menon shares his opinion of the "politicians versus public health officials" debate about COVID-19 pandemic decision-making.

Edmonton-based Apple Schools selected for LEAP's Healthy Futures Accelerator

Apple Schools and the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program have been awarded funding and support to grow their school health promotion programming.

Of course, it's Vancouver. Why this city is poised to lead Canada's drug revolution

Elaine Hyshka says research shows that criminalizing individual substance use or possession isn't an effective deterrent for use and, in fact, increases the harm of drug use.

Is a normal Christmas possible with COVID-19? Experts are doubtful

Dean Eurich says this year will be a far cry from Christmas parties and large family gatherings of the past.

Coronavirus: Alberta officials no longer planning to post provincial R value publicly

Paul Veugelers says we need an R value of less than one to end or improve the pandemic and that depends on compliance to public health measures.

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