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Alberta logs record-high 1,336 COVID-19 cases; One per cent of Albertans have now tested positive

Dean Eurich estimated the actual number of cases in the province could be three or four times higher due to undetected community spread.

'Time is of the essence': COVID-19 shows the need to better understand infectious diseases, says U of A prof

Norm Neumann says COVID-19 has renewed people’s interest in infectious diseases at a time when waterborne pathogens have begun to adapt to current...

Canada's opioid crisis killed 13 people a day in 2018, prevention report shows

Report co-authored by Kathy Belton, associate director of the Injury Prevention Centre, shows twice as many people now die of unintentional...

University of Alberta researchers analyze provincial coronavirus messaging

Assistant Professor Simon Otto says Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health has been strong and effective in her communications as the province's...

Winter Hazard Prep 101

Injury Prevention Centre's Don Voaklander offers tips to prepare for winter's potential hazards on the farm.

The Pandemic and Public Health

Roman Pabayo comments on the ways inequality has contributed to worse outcomes during the pandemic.

Alberta Government Rejects Safe Supply, Bets Heavily on Abstinence

Elaine Hyshka comments on the value of the Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment program, which is "largely used for people who have previously tried...

Confused about whether to gather for Thanksgiving this year? You're not alone

Timothy Caulfied comments on that covid messaging in one area might not be relevant in another, but those messages can cut across the country,...

Farmers shed light on silent fight against mental illness

According to a report from T. Cameron Wild and Orto Ahinmaa, professors at the School of Public Health, rural populations are underserved when it...

Kim Raine comments on how Alberta can improve passing grade on 2020 Nutrition Report Card

“Poor nutrition is a risk factor for many chronic diseases and so second to tobacco, nutrition is our number one cause of poor health in Canada.”

Alberta receives a passing grade on its nutrition report card, barely

Kim Raine, lead project researcher of the 2020 Nutrition Report Card, comments on how the province can improve their grade

Hundreds die from opioid overdoses in Alberta as COVID-19 pandemic hit

Elaine Hyshka said she expected to see more deaths in Alberta based on trends in other provinces, but not so many more.

Second wave hasn't arrived in Alberta yet, epidemiologists say, but surge likely coming

Dr. Dean Eurich says Alberta doesn't have the sharp uptick in cases that would serve as a telltale sign of the second wave.

Shanthi Johnson receives RBC Top 25 Immigrant Award

Dean Shanthi Johnson awarded the 2020 RBC Top 25 Immigrant Award, as presented by Canadian Immigrant. This is the 12th year of these awards.

Dean Eurich working with First Nations communities on diabetes care when the pandemic hit

Dean Eurich is part of four speakers on a virtual panel called Pandemic Perspectives: What We've Learned from COVID-19

Edmonton's mask bylaw likely helping keep COVID-19 numbers in check: experts

Impossible to be certain, given the number of factors causing infection to spread

Hockey Edmonton prepares for return to play under COVID-19 pandemic

Smaller cohorts of 50 players and mini-teams of around 10 players expected for fall play

Edmonton zone makes up almost 66% of new COVID-19 cases in Alberta, experts plead for public health measures to be followed

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Edmonton zone continues to rise, and the city is now a hotspot for the virus.

Extraordinary Times: MPH Graduate Ahmed Rana on CBC Radio Specials

Ahmed Rana discusses his placement amidst a pandemic

Opinion: Public health education under threat from provincial cuts

Our governments need to value and be willing to fund all aspects of public health, including public health education.

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