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Opinion: Public health education under threat from provincial cuts

Our governments need to value and be willing to fund all aspects of public health, including public health education.

Relaunch success may depend on how we answer these five questions

Norm Neumann comments on the partial reopening of Alberta society. It should be celebrated, but patience, diligence and caution must remain...

What it means if Alberta’s Jason Kenney bypasses Health Canada on COVID-19

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney could introduce “chaos” into the system, should his move pave the way for other jurisdictions in the country to seek...

Homeless people have nowhere to go to the bathroom because of Coronavirus

Roman Pabayo says a lack of restrooms could turn into a public health issue for everyone.

Why liquor stores are an essential service amid the coronavirus pandemic

“Alcohol dependency can be psychologically and physiologically. If the supply is cut off for that population of people, it can be potentially...

COVID-19: Alberta forces bar closures, allaying fears of St. Patrick's Day spread

Roman Pabayo comments on what will likely be Alberta's quietest St. Patrick’s Day since prohibition.

'We've got well-trained people, we've got the resources': Edmonton expert on virus preparedness

With zero confirmed cases in Alberta, the biggest problem posed by the novel coronavirus “is that everyone thinks they’ve got it,” according to...

'Risk of people dying': Albertans respond to possible changes with supervised consumption sites

Elaine Hyshka warns about the possible risks of changes that may come to supervised consumption sites

'My work is not finished': Francois Paulette named officer of Order of Canada

School adjunct professor and Denesuline elder has long advocated for Indigenous and treaty rights.

Chinese mystery snail spotted in Alberta lake - and biologists want your help to keep it there

Snail researcher Patrick Hanington says discovery of the invasive species is a concerning.

U of A research shows implementing sugar tax would improve Canadian health outcomes

Mike Paulden says the study shows that the tax would decrease some public health related concerns, but may produce adverse economic circumstances...

Researchers present health studies from May 2016 wildfires at forum

The health of students, firefighters and Indigenous communities following the May 2016 wildfires was the focus of a two-day research seminar...

How will climate change affect your personal health?

Associate Professor Sherilee Harper discusses the ways in which climate change will affect our personal health.

Is diabetes reversible?

Professor Jeff Johnson comments on the lifestyle changes that can prevent, and even reverse, type 2 diabetes.

Are daycares following the Canada Food Guide?

The 2019 Nutrition Report Card says daycares are failing to provide optimal nutrition to kids.

United Nations report links warming of oceans and polar regions to health effects

Report lead author Sherilee Harper says impact on food security, food safety and nutrition really stand out.

Mind your Zs: Schools study adding sleep to their lesson plans

Associate Professor Kate Storey says promoting healthy sleep needs to be integrated into policies such as delayed school start times.

E-scooters zipping around Edmonton cause for excitement and concern

E-scooters have caused issues and injuries in other places. Professor Louis Francescutti says they will in Edmonton as well.

Recent Ontario court decision could shift how legal system treats child fatalities on family agricultural operationss

Don Voaklander says the decision is "history-making" in Canada, but that court-mandated speaking engagements are unlikely to curb any future...

Researchers receive $5.6-million for advanced diagnostics research

Simon Otto will study diagnostic testing for antimicrobial resistance in livestock management - a growing challenge to human and animal health...

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