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Louis Francescutti shares insight on U of A’s healing transitional accommodation program

Fracescutti discusses Asamina Kochi, the Bridge Healing Transitional Accommodation Program.

U of A expert discusses substance abuse issues in Alberta

Louis Francescutti says Alberta and B.C. historically have higher consumption rates for alcohol and other drugs than other provinces.

Edmonton is caught in a stagnant weather pattern

Shelby Yamamoto discusses the risks associated with prolonged periods of poor air quality.

Louis Francescutti shares insight on how patients can deal with drastic weather changes

If you know what's coming, you can prepare yourself.

Sherilee Harper discusses how climate change effects Canadian’s health

Sherilee Harper shared the number of ways climate change is impacting Canadians.

U of A professor shares insight as parasite that can infect people now found in U.S. foxes

Stan Houston says no one knows how the European parasite made its way into Alberta coyotes, but it appears to be very efficient at spreading, with up to 80 percent of coyotes in Alberta now carrying the parasite.

Louis Hugo Francescutti shares insight on Edmonton Shigella outbreak

In mid-October, when 87 cases had been identified, Francescutti called for more to be done to get homeless people into stable housing.

Grad students from diverse backgrounds push the boundaries of community-engaged research

Recipients of new equity award will mentor each other as they build skills and expand their expertise in wide-ranging areas of interest.

School of Public Health Professor advises on national public health report

Assistant professor Sherilee Harper served as an advisor to CPHO Dr. Theresa Tam's advisors for the recently released the State of Public Health in Canada 2022 report.

Alberta moving to prevent return of mask mandates in K-12 schools

School of Public Health professor Louis Francescutti comments on Premier's recent announcement.

'Don't throw them overboard': Former Alberta chief medical officer of health cautions premier over AHS revamp

James Talbot, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health from 2012 to 2015, says he’s troubled by Danielle Smith’s comments after the unprecedented stress COVID-19 put on health systems around the world.

Elaine Hyshka comments on new Alberta opioid program

Health-care professionals say new provincial regulations for high-potency opioids may increase barriers and harm to patients seeking treatment.

Elaine Hyshka shares insights on Jason Kenney opioid policies

Premier announces major funding boost for recovery treatment but critics and advocates say the approach will not help most vulnerable.

Time is money: rapid diagnostic testing for bovine respiratory disease

A multidisciplinary research team co-led by Simon Otto is working to develop rapid genomic testing methods that will change the way feedlots make decisions about antimicrobial use and ultimately improve antimicrobial stewardship.

Health experts warn vaccine-preventable illnesses could rise in Alberta

Adjunct professor Shannon MacDonald says school-based vaccinations dropped dramatically due to the initial shutdown of schools in March 2020

U of A professors discuss decrease in overdoses

Elaine Hyshka believes that fluctuations in the legal market are leading to a decrease in drug-related fatalities.

U of A professor discusses the threat of monkeypox

Stan Houston explains that monkeypox has existed in parts of Central and West Africa for a long time, and researchers have known about it since the 1970s.

Stephanie Montesanti’s research was used to help create Alberta’s new Domestic Abuse Resource Hub

Albertans experiencing domestic abuse can turn to a new online tool for help. Website gives users access to a wide-range of accurate, up-to-date resources

U of A professor co-authors article on declining caribou populations

Sherilee Harper and her co-authors write that Inuit in the Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut regions of Labrador have shared a deep and enduring connection with caribou for many generations.

U of A expert discusses unhoused people’s ER visits

Injury prevention centre Associate Director Kathy Belton says safe injection sites could be a preventative measure for poisoning through substances such as drugs or medications that are taken in the wrong dosages or in dangerous combinations.

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