Hey, do you remember Felicity?

Felicity Hey has always been student centred, and has been highly respectful of students and supportive of their every need.

Donna Richardson - 13 July 2017

How much institutional memory can you cram into one brain over the course of 36 years? If the brain happens to belong to Felicity Hey, likely a lot.

Former interim dean Lory Laing, who worked with Hey for many years, describes her as the ultimate professional. Speaking at a reception hosted in Hey's honour, Laing said, "Felicity has been a font of knowledge about all details related to the rules and regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Students and Research and has used this information for the benefit of students and the faculty."

She praises her further, saying, "She is unbelievably organized, efficient and amiable. She has always been student centred, and has been highly respectful of students and supportive of their every need."

Hey recently retired from her position as accreditation coordinator in the School of Public Health. After 36 years working at the University of Alberta in various positions, from administrative assistant to student services coordinator, Hey is widely regarded as the longest serving employee of the School and the former Department of Public Health Sciences.

We caught up with Hey to ask her a few questions.

What has been the most satisfying part of working at the UAlberta?

Working with, and for, the students has been my privilege. It has been a pleasure to get to know so many over the years. Working with students ensures that no two days are same and each day includes lots of laughter.

What is your single best memory of your time working at the UAlberta?

I don't think I have a single best memory. My favourite days have always been orientation in September. It's exciting to see and meet the new students that we have communicated with throughout the application process.

Where is your favourite place on campus?

As the School moved to different buildings, my perspective on campus changed. The conference rooms on the north side of the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, have become my favourite places in the last few years. I love the view onto the main campus, looking across to the Butterdome and seeing all the activity of life on campus.

What three words best describe your UAlberta experience?

Rewarding. Fun. Challenging.

What will you miss most about working here?

I'll miss the people, the laughter, a sense of belonging and being part of a team that has accomplished a lot.

What are you most looking forward to now that you've retired?

I look forward to having the time to enjoy life, take a breath and not have to fit everything I want or need to do into a weekend or the evenings.

What's next on the agenda for you?

I'll take a trip to Manitoba to see my sister in July, then back to work for the School at the end of July until the end of October to help the School with reaccreditation. Then, who knows? My husband, Malcolm, and I plan to take a celebratory trip in February 2018 to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.