School recognized for quality standards - reaccredited for seven years

The Council on Education for Public Health has reaccredited the University of Alberta's School of Public Health for seven years.

Donna Richardson - 18 July 2018

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) has reaccredited the University of Alberta's School of Public Health for seven years, the maximum term given. The School became the first accredited school of public health in Canada in 2012.

CEPH's overall aim is the improvement of health through the assurance of professional personnel who are able to identify, prevent and solve community health problems. This includes accrediting schools of public health and public health programs.

Accreditation means that the School has voluntarily held itself to a set of quality standards. CEPH's reaccreditation of the School shows that those quality standards have been maintained. Applicants, students, employers, faculty and staff can feel confident that graduates from the School are well-prepared professionals with the training needed to improve health

"The accreditation process requires commitment from administrators, faculty, staff, students and other constituents," said Laura Rasar King, executive director of CEPH. "The Council recognizes the efforts of the University of Alberta to make ongoing improvements to ensure that students receive a high-quality education that advances them toward their career goals."

"The School of Public Health is an example of leadership shown at the University of Alberta to act in the public good. That the School has been reaccredited for a full seven years is indicative of a sustained commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, research and service," said Steven Dew, provost and vice-president (academic).

"The faculty and staff of the School are to be commended for the outstanding work they do to provide students with exceptional learning experiences, and to pursue research aimed at promoting and protecting the health of people," said Shanthi Johnson, dean of the School. "I give full credit to Kue Young (former dean) and the entire School for their leadership and commitment to ensuring that high quality standards have been maintained."

With this goal achieved, the School is looking towards the future.

"Our work has a broad impact on improving health by informing and influencing individuals, health-care systems and government policies." said Johnson. "As we put our heads together to identify new goals and objectives for the next five years, we are well positioned to continue leading the way in promoting and protecting health, preventing disease and injury, and reducing health inequities locally, nationally and globally."

Currently, CEPH has accredited 64 schools of public health. In addition to the University of Alberta's School of Public Health, there are accredited schools and programs in Canada, the U.S., Israel, Mexico, Lebanon, Taiwan, and the West Indies. Accredited schools include Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Harvard University School of Public Health and Yale University School of Public Health.