Celebrating Staff: Jacqueline (Jacqui) Andersen

Meet Jacqueline (Jacqui) Andersen, Assistant Dean, Development, in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

Allie Voisin - 24 May 2022

Jacqui Andersen is a strategic, results-driven fundraising professional who has extensive experience in major gift fundraising, donor relations and partnership development with various stakeholder groups (most notably industry partners). She brings with her a wealth of experience in health and community-based fundraising, corporate sales and marketing. Jacqui has previously worked for organizations including the University Hospital Foundation, Women Building Futures, Workopolis, and The Edmonton Journal. She is an alumna of Concordia University College, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Jacqui has a deep interest in community health, economic development, and health prevention and promotion. We chatted with Jacqui to learn more about her work, why she enjoys what she does, and a lesser-known fact most of her colleagues don't know about her. 

What does your role entail?     

My role entails all things supporting the School of Public Health with development. In other words, creating engagement to increase the impact we can make here at the School of Public Health when it comes to taking on urgent and complex health challenges, improving health equity and optimizing the health outcomes for all. This includes exploring new partnerships and resources — many conversations! A big part of it is “matchmaking” — matching potential donor or partner interests to the School of Public Health’s priorities, be it student support, experiential learning, research or anything else!  To do this effectively, development professionals need to be expert listeners, “question askers” and know when to bring in the experts who can ignite passion in donors far better than I!

What do you enjoy most about supporting the School of Public Health? 

I am new to the role — four weeks in — and so I am still learning and so far enjoying it all. I am loving meeting faculty, staff, alumni and hearing about their passions and work, and beginning the process of understanding the impact we can make together. I am looking forward to meeting our external partners' supporters and donors. 

What support can you provide to faculty/staff that they may not be aware of? 

Right now, I want to know who you are and know about your work and its impact. I will be reaching out to you individually to meet you and learn about your passions and what you are currently working on. I want to explore with you the art of the possible! If you had x, then the impact would be what? Let’s start to dream big together.

What is one thing your colleagues don’t know about you?  

I can be very silly sometimes. I like to have fun (with a bit of a dry sense of humour), and I am a certified yoga teacher. My yoga practice and being out in nature with my two dogs every day is how I stay grounded!