Students have the opportunity to choose from an extensive list of elective courses in addition to the core and specialization courses required for the program in which they are enrolled. For more information about all of the requirements of each program, please refer to Programs.

The courses listed below with a SPH prefix are offered through our School. The course outline links are the most current versions available, updates will be posted on an ongoing basis. A broad selection of additional courses offered by other faculties on campus are also included in the list.

For a full list of courses available at the University of Alberta, please check the Course Listings.

INT D 670: Research Ethics

MED 600 - Advanced Clinical Trials II (*3)

PERLS 541 - Social Cognitive Approaches to Health Promoting Behaviors (*3) 

PERLS 582 - Graduate Seminar: A Seminar in Current Factors, Problems and Issues (*3)

SOC 609 - Multivariate Analyses (*3) 

SOC 616 - Structural Equation Modeling with LISREL (*3)

STAT 532 - Survival Analysis (*3) 

STAT 561 - Sample Survey Methodology (*3) 

STAT 568 - Design and Analysis of Experiments (*3)