Graduate Certificates

Embedded graduate certificates are a new type of program available to students studying at the University of Alberta. They provide a unique opportunity for students to earn an embedded graduate certificate while completing a degree program.

Upon completion, you will have both a graduate degree and a graduate certificate.


  1. What is an embedded certificate?
    An embedded certificate is a short credit program that requires students to complete at least nine credits (*9) of study as part of the elective requirements for a graduate degree program. Some students may need to complete more than the minimum degree requirements to qualify for both the degree and the certificate.

  2. What is the advantage of completing an embedded certificate program?
    Holding a graduate certificate makes it clear to prospective employers that you have additional specialized training in addition to the broad knowledge and skills gained through your graduate degree program. If you are interested in employment related to the graduate certificate, you may find this to be a competitive advantage.

    If you plan to seek entrance into a PhD program doing research related to the coursework of the graduate certificate, this additional specialized training may be useful.

  3. Are there any prerequisites or requirements for being accepted into an embedded certificate program in the School of Public Health?
    Students wishing to enroll in an embedded certificate program offered by the School must be enrolled in a graduate program available through the School or another faculty at the University of Alberta. In addition, they must be in good academic standing when they apply.

  4. How do I apply?
    To learn about the application process, visit the page for the embedded graduate certificate that you're interested in. 

  5. What areas of specialization are available through embedded graduate certificates?
    At this time, we are offering a Graduate Certificate in Communicable Diseases.

  6. How long do I have to complete the requirements of an embedded certificate?
    Coursework required for an embedded certificate must be completed by the time degree requirements have been completed.

  7. When will I receive my certificate?
    Embedded certificates are awarded to students at the time their degree is awarded.