FAQs - Students enrolled after Fall 2018

How is the program organized?

The School of Public Health offers a master of public health (MPH) degree in seven specializations. Applicants must indicate their choice of specialization when they apply. The degree includes core, specialization and elective courses. All MPH students complete 24 credits of common core courses. Specialization and elective credits vary by specialization.

All students must complete 15 credits of core courses during the first two terms of the degree: 9 credits in fall term and 6 credits in winter term. The core courses are interdisciplinary and integrated with one another, with emphasis on problem solving.

When will the courses start?

The first course, SPH 530 This is Public Health, will be completed on campus during the last week of August and first week of September. All students are required to complete this course on campus. Orientation will be integrated into this two-week period. In 2018, SPH 530 starts August 27 and ends September 7.

Can I complete the MPH degree part time?

Yes, it is possible to complete the MPH degree on a part-time basis.

However, all students must initially register in a minimum of 9 credits in fall term. At the University of Alberta, 9 credits per term is considered a full-time graduate-level course load. This first term course load is spread out, however, with the first 3 credits (SPH 530 This is Public Health) to be completed at the end of the first week of September, after which the course load may be reduced to 6 credits, which is considered a part-time course load.

Full-time students would add specialization courses for the remainder of the first year (fall and winter terms). Part-time students will begin their specialization courses during second year of the degree program.

Can I complete the MPH degree by distance?

All students must complete the first course of the degree, SPH 530, over a two-week immersion period on campus during the last week of August and first week of September. Students in the MPH program in health promotion can complete all remaining degree requirements by distance by using online technology. Students in the other specializations will complete their remaining degree requirements on campus.

How does online learning work?

Online learning involves using appropriate technology to support the teaching/learning experiences of students. Instructors use technology in different ways depending on the course learning objectives. Many use eClass for both campus and distance learning. Instructors for distance courses usually also include Adobe Connect for face-to-face or synchronous (live) sessions, and may use Skype and teleconferences for individual appointments.

Instructors are encouraged to access the University of Alberta's Centre for Teaching and Learning for assistance with designing courses to maximize learning on campus and by distance.

What support do students have during their MPH degree program?

We use a team advising approach. All MPH students have access to a graduate program advisor from the Office of Educational Programs, and have a designated academic advisor and practice coordinator. These individuals are assigned to each student after they are admitted into the MPH program.

The School of Public Health Students' Association (SPHSA) also provides opportunities for involvement and support to students.

Other University of Alberta resources are also available to students, such as the libraries, the Centre for Writers, Career Centre. Individuals with documented disabilities, including mental health conditions, may want to connect to the resources and supports needed to achieve full potential through support from Student Accessibility Services (SAS).