FAQs - Students enrolled PRIOR to Fall 2018

I am part way through my MPH program. How will the changes in the MPH core courses that come into effect in Fall 2018 affect me?

Students admitted prior to Fall 2018 will complete the degree requirements applicable at the time of admission.

Current MPH students can take these courses in Spring 2018, Fall 2018 or Winter 2019, as follows:

  • SPH 500 Introduction to Health Policy and Management - Spring 2018 (on-line), Fall 2018 (campus)
  • SPH 501 Determinants of Health - Fall 2018 (campus & on-line)
  • SPH 514 Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health - Fall 2018 (campus), Winter 2019 (on-line)
  • SPH 531 Statistical Methods in Health Research- Fall 2018 (on-line)
  • SPH 597 Fundamentals of Epidemiology - Winter 2019 (on-line)

A memo confirming the scheduling of these courses was sent to all continuing MPH students in March 2018.

A memo was also sent to all continuing MPH students in April 2018 regarding access to the new MPH core courses. In brief, the new core courses are open only to MPH students newly admitted in Fall 2018.

How will the new MPH curriculum affect the value of my degree?

Curriculum renewal is an important process for all types of programs. Educational programs are no exception.

The School has gone through an extensive review process involving consultation with various stakeholder group, including our graduates and continuing students. The result is the new curriculum that comes into effect in Fall 2018.

If you enrolled in the MPH program prior to Fall 2018, you can be confident in knowing that you will receive your MPH degree in your specialization from an accredited School of Public Health. This means the School has received the stamp of approval from the longest standing accrediting body in the world-the Council on Education for Public Health-and has met professional standards of academic integrity and quality.