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MPH Global Health

Global health is the application of the principles of public health to the health issues that concern many countries or is affected by transnational determinants with a focus on the problems and challenges that affect the poor, vulnerable and underserved populations worldwide.

Adopting the Alma Ata Declaration and the principles of Primary Health Care, it aims to promote health equity amongst all nations and all people. The “global” in global health refers to the scope of the problem, not necessarily the location for the principles of global health are applicable to both low and middle-income countries and for the reduction of health disparities in Canada and other developed countries.

Global health practitioners plan, design and implement programs to control infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, and chronic diseases; improve mental health; reduce disparities in maternal and child health; improve food security and reduce environmental degradation.

Global health practitioners find employment in various international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the United Nations bodies, the Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA), Save the Children and the Aga Khan Foundation, as well as national or local organizations such Departments of Health and Wellness and local charities.

Because global health practitioners are equipped to address the needs of vulnerable populations through public health approaches, there is work wherever inequities are found.

Core Courses

These courses are required in order to complete this program.

SPH 500 - Introduction to Health Policy and Management (*3)
SPH 501 - Determinants of Health (*3)
SPH 514 - Introduction to Environmental Health (*3)
SPH 531 - Statistical Methods in Health Research (*3)
SPH 597 - Fundamentals of Epidemiology for Public Health (*3)
SPH 598 - Field Practicum (*6)
SPH 599 - Capping Project (*3)

Specialization Courses

These courses are required for this specialization.

SPH 631 - Health Program Evaluation (*3)
SPH 640 - Introduction to Global Health (*3)
SPH 641 - Global Health Project Development (*3)

Elective Courses

Students are required to complete *12 of graduate level coursework, approved by their advisor. For more information, see Electives.

Length of Program

The minimum time required to complete the program is 16 months. The maximum time permitted for completion of the program is six years (full or part time) from the date of first registration.