Areas of Research

Global Health

What is global health?

Global health is the application of the principles of public health to the problems and challenges that affect the poor, vulnerable and underserved populations worldwide. It aims to promote health equity amongst all nations and all people.

The “global” in global health refers to the scope of the problem, not necessarily the location, because the principles of global health apply to both low and middle-income countries and for the reduction of health disparities in Canada.

Research in global health generates the information which is crucial in the planning, implementation and monitoring of basic primary health care services aiming at improving the health status of the target populations.

What are we doing in area of global health?

Our global health faculty engage in theoretical and applied research, employing multi-disciplinary research methods. They have inter-sectoral collaborations with researchers in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia the United Kingdom and Latin America.

What is the focus of our research?

Our research spans a wide range of topics, including:

  • addressing disparities in maternal health care in Pakistan: The role of gender, class and social
  • community-based antiretroviral treatment for AIDS patients in rural Uganda;
  • the impact of social geography on female community health workers’ mobility and effectiveness in delivering reproductive health care in Pakistan;
  • maternity, migration and minorities: optimizing community and hospital-based maternity care in Alberta;
  • improving reproductive knowledge of Ugandan teenagers through modern communication; and,
  • improving access to diagnosis for malaria, and surveillance of drug its resistance.

Associate Professor Zubia Mumtaz's research looks at how gender and class affect reproductive health policies and maternal health services for vulnerable women in South Asia.

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Associate Professor Stephen Hodgins’ research has been in response to real-world challenges of delivering programs to improve population health in places such as Zambia and Nepal.

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Researcher Stephanie Yanow studies different aspects of malaria with the goal that her findings will contribute to the development of a vaccine.

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