Practice Affiliates

Are you a practice or policy professional who is passionate about working closely with communities to achieve collective impact? Do you strive to address public health problems and societal questions that impact health, well-being and sustainability? Do you have knowledge and experience that you want to share with other practice and policy professionals working with communities to achieve their healthiest potential?

Practice affiliates support Canadians in helping their communities achieve their healthiest potential by:

  • collaborating with the Centre scientists and other practice affiliates, and
  • sharing their knowledge and expertise from working with communities.

If this sounds like you, submit your request to be involved as a Centre practice affiliate. Centre practice affiliate memberships are renewed biennially in September. The next renewal date is September 2020 for all Centre practice affiliates.

  • upholds and supports vision, mission, principles and values
  • lead or contribute to peer-reviewed research grants and contracts
  • lead or contribute to peer-reviewed manuscripts, technical or community reports, or community knowledge sharing products
  • lead a lunch and learn session, webinar or equivalent for the community (1/year)
  • share relevant research/practice stories in the newsletters, community publications and communication materials (1/year)
  • participate in events, meetings and informal activities
  • renew membership biennially in September (next renewal date is September 2020)

  • opportunities for interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral collaboration
  • contribute to shaping the strategic direction and growth of the Centre
  • first access to graduate research assistantships for trainees
  • opportunity to share administrative/research support staff
  • access to collaborative space for working meetings (dependent on availability)
  • invitation to events, activitie, and yearly general meetings
  • receive newsletters and research/practice updates
  • connect with other members of the community/network
  • opportunity to reach an interdisciplinary audience through newsletters and events

Interested in becoming a Centre for Healthy Communities practice affiliate?

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