How We Work

Collaborating with partners to build capacity and work across sectors and research areas to provide timely evidence-informed solutions.

In the Centre for Healthy Communities, we work collaboratively with our partners to advance the health of communities, however defined, to understand public health issues that are significant to them. We work with other units and organizations locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally who are interested in advancing community health, equity, sustainability and wellbeing.

The Centre’s work is operationalized in two ways:

1. Partner-initiated projects

  • Collaborative development of project questions, designs and outcomes aligned with partners’ needs and timelines.
  • Working with partners to apply scientific research and experiential knowledge to build solutions for ‘real-world’ problems faced by communities.
  • Read more about our partner-initiated projects.

2. Centre-initiated projects

  • Collaborative development of research and initiatives that advance global knowledge and methods for advancing healthy communities.
  • Integrate areas of expertise across two or more of our five research thematic areas, to address complex issues that transcend disciplines and sectors.
  • Read more about our centre-initiated projects.
Find out more about how we use scientific and experiential knowledge to support communities in the ‘what we do’ section.