Centre for Healthy Communities

Centre for Healthy Communities Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum | November 4, 2019
Horowitz Events Centre, University of Alberta

Healthy, vibrant and smart communities are Canada's future. We need to build these communities together.

The Innovation Forum will bring together practice, policy, industry, and research leaders from across Alberta to accelerate collective action, enhance the use of data, and build a sustainable, healthy future for our communities.

The Forum is an opportunity to:  

  • create connections across sectors to bridge knowledge and resource gaps to develop actionable steps; 
  • be inspired by and understand the unique needs and contexts of the various sectors present; and
  • develop novel and synergistic approaches to tackle the barriers of defining, achieving, and sustaining a healthy community.

The Forum is intended for: 

  • government;
  • private and not-for-profit organizations;
  • health, education, recreation, and social services sector professionals;
  • engineering, architecture and design, transportation, planning, and environment sector professionals;
  • corporate leaders, industry professionals, and developers; and
  • research.

Working together, we can become the catalyst for change to foster healthy, thriving communities with strong, dynamic futures. 

Plan to discuss your innovative ideas or explore questions you have with other leaders from across Alberta. 



Please note there will be a $50 fee to attend the Innovation Forum.