Centre for Healthy Communities

Call for ideas and questions

The Centre for Healthy Communities welcomes your innovative ideas or unexplored questions about how to foster sustainable, healthy futures for our communities. 

How your ideas and questions will be used

Marketplace session discussions at the Innovation Forum will be shaped by participants. At the end of each session, you will take away actionable steps for the implementation of your ideas. 

Ideas and questions will be grouped into one of four themes:

  1. Health and social impact: quality of life, physical health, mental wellbeing, social inclusion, and urban Indigenous health
  2. Accessible and safe environments: social and physical accessibility, transportation, and traffic and community safety
  3. Innovation and evaluation: impact of community design on health
  4. Sustainability: environmental stewardship, ecological sustainability, and economic responsibility


Examples of thought provoking ideas and questions

  • What is a healthy community?
  • What impact will our municipality's city plan have on community health?
  • How do we work together to support building sustainable, economically viable communities in Alberta?
  • How do we enhance the use of data across sectors to support community development?
  • How can big data help my municipality address the social determinants of health? 
  • Do integrated municipal bike lanes improve the economy?
  • How can we better recognize and address the needs of underserved groups in our community?
  • Are there ways to work more effectively across sectors to enhance livability for citizens?

No matter how big or small your idea or question, this is your opportunity to share, discuss, and learn from the expertise of stakeholders from across sectors in Alberta.

Submit your idea or question