Centre for Healthy Communities

Centre Initiatives

The Centre leads many innovative projects under the umbrella of healthy communities.

Two of our current initiatives are:

Healthy Edmonton Metropolitan Region ‘Living Lab’

The Centre for Healthy Communities is home to the Healthy Edmonton Metropolitan Region Living Lab, a collaboration of researchers, municipalities and other regional and provincial partners. We systematically study how municipal initiatives impact health and health equity.

The Living Lab will enhance the region’s capacity to better understand the health, social connectivity, quality of life, economic and environmental/sustainability impacts of community design, citizen services and program supports, transportation and smart city initiatives undertaken by the region’s municipalities.

The Living Lab will generate valuable implementation and outcome evidence about these factors that will inform healthy city building in the region and beyond.

Measuring Universal Accessibility in Urban Environments Project

The Centre for Healthy Communities is currently conducting a community-based participatory research project on measuring accessibility in urban environments. In collaboration with our partners, the City of Edmonton and the Accessibility Advisory Committee, our aim is to better understand how accessibility can impact the health and well-being of residents living within an urban context.

We also focus on the connection to Healthy Cities and Universal Design principles and the broader implications for health equity.