The Centre for Healthy Communities is committed to addressing public health concerns by collaborating with community partners to understand public health problems and issues that are significant to them. We use current scientific and experiential knowledge to develop relevant tools and recommendations specific to each community and their needs, with the intent of supporting them in achieving their healthiest potential.

We work with our partners to advance the health of communities, however defined, to prevent ill health and promote well-being and sustainability.

We do this in two ways:

  • Partner-initiated projects: Collaborative development of project questions, designs and outcomes aligned with partners' needs and timelines.
  • Centre for Healthy Communities-initiated projects: Collaborative development of research and initiatives that advance global knowledge and methods for advancing healthy communities.

Why we work in partnership

We are in an age of great advances in technological innovation, social enterprise and new knowledge about how to foster health, well-being and sustainability, yet we continue to face implementation and system challenges about how to do this work effectively.

We also face critical societal questions about how our efforts:

  • impact the upstream social determinants of health;
  • offer equitable improvements in social, physical, and mental health;
  • make meaningful and measurable returns on quality of life;
  • bolster economic improvements;
  • are sustainable for the cityscape and natural environment; and
  • reduce demand on the health-care sector.

In the Centre, we strive to engage our partners to work in a collaborative model to address these questions. We work in partnership with organizations and people from all sectors, each bringing different knowledge, resources and expertise. Together, we bring the best of science and practice to advance the health of communities.