Centre for Healthy Communities

The Centre for Healthy Communities comprises a diverse network of engaged academics, practice and policy professionals working in a range of sectors, students and community members. Together, we are committed to building healthy communities.

Founded in 2017, the Centre grew out of the Centre for Health Promotion Studies, one of three key entities that joined to form the School of Public Health in 2006. Today, the Centre is led by Candace Nykiforuk and is supported by core staff and students.

Our network of scientists and practice affiliates are interdisciplinary. They typically work in multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral teams to address complex, systems-level public health questions. The aim is to impact practice and policy in health, urban planning, education, recreation, community services and transportation.

We work collaboratively with other units and organizations—locally, provincially, nationally and internationally—interested in advancing community health, equity and well-being.

Core disciplinary areas of scientists and practice affiliates include:

  • health promotion
  • socio-behavioural sciences
  • environmental health
  • health policy and services
  • health economics
  • participatory research
  • epidemiology

Find out more about our scientists, practice affiliates, student ambassadors and how to stay in the know about the work we do.